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10 Safest And Reliable Bitcoin Wallets

Buying Bitcoin does not guarantee its safekeeping. There are numerous risks that are associated with Bitcoins and anonymity being one of them, you cannot just randomly choose any wallet and start storing your Bitcoins there. Instead, a reliable and safe option is needed for this purpose. Here are some suggestions on all types of Bitcoin wallets (hardware, online, mobile, desktop) which ensures security for the storage of Bitcoins.

10 Safest And Reliable Bitcoin Wallets

1)    Coinbase

This online exchange allows you to buy, exchange and trade Bitcoin along with keeping Bitcoins. The only flaw which could come with this wallet is that storing and spending from the same wallet raises the issue of haphazard track records.

2)    Blockchain.info

Blockchain has good records and it flaunts 100 million transactions with 15 million wallets for Bitcoins. Therefore, it is reliable and up till now, no major shortcoming of this wallet has been reported.

3)    Ledger(Hardware Wallets/Dongles)

This hardware storage wallet supports cold storage technique which greatly lessens the risk of cyber hacking and counterparty. Therefore, the trust factor is high regarding this wallet.

4)    Paper Wallet

These are simple documents consisting of the information one needs in the generation of Bitcoin private keys. Since the information only remains with you, its one of the safest cold storages for Bitcoin today. Bitadress is one example of highly used paper wallet.

5)    Electrum

It is a software wallet and most popular one among Bitcoin arena. It is available for both desktop and mobile and is ranked high for its user-friendly interface.

6)    Bitbox Bitcoin Wallet Device

One of the cheapest wallets for Bitcoins storage, it is the latest launched wallet for storing Bitcoins.It is inclusive of both Tor and Tails OS compatibility.

7)    Bredwallet

This mobile wallet for Bitcoin storage is very simple and is used mostly by iPhone users. The good news is that it is now available for Android as well.

8)    Exodus

This is one of the easiest wallets for the desktop. It has a very simple process of in-built instant exchange (swapping between major altcoin) which has increased its acceptance tremendously.

9)    Armory

What makes this wallet extra secure is the offline signing process. It is highly used and recommended by advanced users.

10)    Keepkey

Keepkey is another famous hardware wallet which offers strong security and easy usage methods. Each outgoing transaction has to be approved manually which completely cuts the risk of unknown transactions.



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