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Why Businesses Should Get the Dedicated Servers?

Been using the shared server for a quite a long time and now fed up with it? Same is the case with most of us. But thanks to the cloud hosting providers that also offer the dedicated servers so that you get a perfect solution once in for all. Since you’ve shown up here, the chances are that you’ve finally considered moving to reliable, dedicated servers. Before elaborating why is it the best solution for you to get along with, we’d like you to see if your current system is having these significant issues;

Why Businesses Should Get the Dedicated Servers
Why Businesses Should Get the Dedicated Servers
  1. Is it having a high load time? Due to which, your website is loading slow, and eventually you’re losing a considerable fraction of your regular website traffic.
  2. Is it showing error messages regularly? Due to which, it’s difficult to manage your website and its internal coding.
  3. Does it get overloaded quite often? Servers that are overloaded quickly don’t seem to perform well whether it’s the website speed or the responding to the users’ request.

It’s better to have the load test to check the performance of not only your website but the servers too. If you’ve said yes to all the problems mentioned above and the system load test has also shown negative, you’re more than sure that it’s the perfect time to get along with the dedicated server. Apart from that, experts have mentioned a few persuasive reasons that why you need the dedicated servers? So let’s dive in;

Low Latency

Let’s talk about the site speed first as it’s really an essential factor for your site to show up on top of the search engine rankings to generate profits. For instance; You’ve got a website that sells leather jackets. And I am the user searching for ‘buy leather jackets online’ and your site shows up on top. I’ll click your site. Now I am most likely to buy from you if the site loads quickly.

But since you’re not using an excellent server that’s the site is taking too much time to load. As a result, I’ll go for other options. Keep in mind! If your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds, you’re going to lose customers. Therefore, make sure you get a dedicated server so that your site doesn’t have loading issues anymore. And the Google also prefers to put fast loading sites on top of its rankings. So make sure to get benefited with that as well.

Have control over the Infrastructure

When you get the dedicated managed servers, the server is then dedicated to your needs. With this server, you get all the complete controls and access. Admit this! If you’re a business owner, you want complete control of your server so that you can taking things as you want or as the situations demand. Therefore, it’s advisable to get along with these dedicated servers.

Once you own the dedicated servers, you are now able to install and uninstall apps on your own. You don’t need any further permissions for that since you’re the administrator yourself. Moreover, you can also customize hardware depending on your requirements. Also, it allows you to optimize the settings as per your needs.

Highest Uptime and Fast Speed

When you’re on the shared hosting, you’ve to tolerate the noisy neighborhood as well since there’re 100s of other websites as well. But when you’ve got your server, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Also, the speed also gets affected since, in the shared hosting, each and everything like memory, disk space and bandwidth etc. are being shared.

 Precisely, you’ve limited access to all the required resources. It’s all fine for the start-up business. But not at all, when your business has grown. So to make sure the highest uptime along with the fastest speed, you must have a dedicated server with all the rights.


Do you want to learn more about why it’s important for businesses to get the dedicated servers? Just check out the article now.



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