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Creative Tips to Decorate your Home with Cushions

Decorating with cushion is a quick and cheap solution to give new air to your living room or bedroom. We’ll leave you with some suggestions on how to combine them and get it right.

The cushions are a decorative element of the most traditional and are never missing in the houses. They are very versatile objects since you can put them on the sofa in the living room, on the bed of a bedroom, in the chairs of the dining room. Virtually any space in a home is a good place to place cushions.

Some Creative tips to decorate your home with cushions

Changing the cushions is one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest ways to transform the living room or bedroom. Playing with the colours, sizes, textures, prints, and even the placement and distribution of cushions allows us to change the look of that space. While we have said that changing cushions is an easy task to do, and we do not doubt it, doing it correctly is not so simple.

For example: Do you know how many cushions to place on the couch? It is important not to fall short but not to go overboard, so the ideal formula to hit the nail on the head is to always place a cushion more than the number of seats on the sofa. Thus, in a 4-seater, you must place five cushions and in an armchair a maximum of 2.

Combination of prints

You can choose to combine the cushions for their colours or chromatic tones but different prints. You can put some stripes next to others of paintings, moles, or some free drawing. Now, be careful not to go over; three different prints are enough to combine, you do not need to make a complex mosaic.

They bring colour

The cushions are a good object of decoration, ornament, and embellish each space, but these functions multiply when you have a sofa of neutral or very light tone. A little colour is essential, and there is nothing better than cushions to bring that vitality. The ideal is to combine different prints interspersed with some smooth and always following the decorative and chromatic style of the rest of the room or the house.

Different prints and the same tone

Another option to combine your cushions is to mix prints (stars, flowers, grated, moles, etc.) but all under the same tone. In this way, all cushions can be different but with something in common: colour.

Combination of two colours

A practical and effective solution when decorating with cushions is to do it using two colours. If you want to give a sailor air to your living room, use cushions in white and blue that will give it a fresh and sailor touch. On the other hand, if you want to create a more cozy and classic atmosphere, you can use black and white cushions, which go with almost any other color and always look good.

Nature at home

Another solution, this one a little more daring, is to give a botanical look to your living room thanks to the cushions. Years ago, botanically inspired prints entered our lives, and they are still in fashion. You can combine different sizes and prints, always with green tones that will give your home fresh air. Another solution is to combine a botanical print with others of retro style since they marry perfectly.

Smooth but never boring

That a cushion is smooth, without any print, does not mean that it is boring; what is more, if your thing is not the prints and you are more classic in this aspect, you can play only with the colors and textures. Mix as you like, with colors that suit your home and your lifestyle; yes, never combine more than three colors, or the result will not be the desired.

A classic to get right

Although it seems like the most classic and boring thing, it is not. The white cushions are sure in the decoration. They marry well in almost any environment and give a feeling of tranquility and relaxation, perfect for classic and cosy rooms (although not only).

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