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How to Drive More Customers to Your Business?

According to the survey of Google many searches are done to find a local work, service or business. This implies that many internet users are actually aware of the local business listing on the internet. Hence, it is very important for a business to opt for an online option and optimize it with correct SEO. IF it is not done so then one is losing out on earning more potential leads for the company.

How to Drive More Customers to Your Business?
How to Drive More Customers to Your Business?

A Lucrative local SEO needs to put in extra attempt to get one`s field and websites position on the local searches. It requires a lot of hard work and patience. On the other hand, Local SEO is quite direct and simple.

If you are interested in aiming your Local SEO, this article will guide to get initiate it. It will also be supportive for those who have already done with SEO but are stuck up somewhere. This requires following aspects to be covered:

  • Website optimization
  • Optimizing as per Google norms
  • Creating citations
  • Reputation management

Website optimization:-

Website optimization is a technique through which one can design the website to rank good on the SERP i.e Search Engine Result Page like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. This is technique which enhances extremely competitive websites which increases the traffic, conversion rates, sell through and  ROI(return through your investment).

Website optimization also helps to enhance the speed of the website loading on a web browser. It is done with the help of HTML as well as CSS by optimizing images, videos etc.

Optimization under Google norms:-

Google is the largest search engine used worldwide. One needs to checklist the factors assigned by the Google to boost up the ranking of the website. It assigns positive, negative and neutral points to the website according to the optimization.

What is Search engine optimization:-

Search engine optimization technique is used to optimize our page on SERP that is search engine ranking page like yahoo, Google, Bing etc. SEO comprises of two techniques to enhance the position in SERP which are named as ON page and OFF page SEO.

ON page several processes like T-U-D optimization which means adding up of correct keyword as per niche which is optimizes in your tittle, URL, and description. Commercial websites do need to add meta tags, alt text in images and refining other factors of your website to make sure that it is available and indexed on the search engine pages. OFF Page will credit or popularize the website on the online network by expanding your visibility. This will also improve the position on the SERP by getting a Do follow and a NO follow backlink

This approach will credit or popularize the website on the online network by expanding your visibility.

Creating citations:-

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms.

Local business can be registered in either on Google My Business which is run by Google or Local citation like Justdail or Sulekha in India. By registering on Google My business listing your chances of displaying up in Google Local Pack-3, but will also enhance your business search done by name.

Google My Business is a panel which shows the company full information on internet. It also needs optimization like appropriate keywords, categories, keyword in labels, company description and most important is scheduling your timing.

This is an effective way of getting a business online.

Reputation management

Reputation management is very important for any company or a brand.  Anybody can hamper your reputation by adding a negative review on your website or local citations. As today, it is a digital world so it is very crucial as a single bad comment could create a negative search result which could harm the repo of the company or the brand and create a false perception in public.

Crucial points to keep in mind for reputation management are:

  • One must be careful as even content on private accounts can be shared.
  • Online reputation will give a huge impact on company’s ability
  • Ask people to review you on website that are stronger than you
  • Google may also offer assistance in removing these comments.


Getting online will help you in increasing your value of your business.

The above information will guide you to enhance the traffic on your website which is important for digital marketing. For further information regarding best Digital Marketing Institute contact Best Digital Marketing Institute Delhi



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