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How can Property Dealers Help You

Rent escalation for good properties is typically around 15 percent every 3 years or around 25 percent every 5 years. It is a very general trend in most Indian markets nowadays. This deal can also be negotiated easily. Given the growing number of public and private institutions that are flooding the market these days, the requirement for pre-leased bank properties has shot up. The supply in the market is also affected by the kind of competition that comes with an increase in demand.

How can Property Dealers Help You
How can Property Dealers Help You

If you’re looking for something like a pre-rented property then you have to do your homework on time and act in the moment because properties on lease sell out fast.

The hard work that goes into it:

Most property dealers out there, assist investors to get a pre-leased property as soon as it hits the market, kind of like travel agents who sit with fingers glued to the computer screen, waiting for the tatkal counter to open. Thinking of this as an easy task is anything but right. A lot of diligence is required in terms of scrutinizing papers related to all properties and doing so with a group of lawyers. Once things are seen as okay, the pre leased property for sale in greater noida is then mandated which are best suited to the investors. The extraordinary analytics and research team associated with such firms does a lot of work. In case a bank wants to take a property on rent, the company first complies whatever data they can find about the banks around them and then starts evaluating the amount of total outcome on investment for each property. This is a very beneficial move for the entire acquire fast and the exit fast approach on investment. You must remember that pre-rented property tends to move very fast and gets off soon too. This is known as leveraging fast acquisition and fast exit with good returns. This pre-leased market has a big supply and demand gap which makes it very easy for people who are intelligent enough to make money. A lot of people out there can enter and exit property dealings in a matter of hours with a huge amount of rate of interest. However, this is strictly just for investors who know their way around the market.

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Why is the location so important:

Before you buy a pre-rented property, keep the location in mind. This is a very important factor to consider before you give your money. A good location is very important to attract tenants and good tenants tend to pay better and stay for a longer time. The investment in this sphere exists in one specific housing or commercial block in one neighborhood, in one city. If something happens to the neighborhood and it loses its value then you are bound to lose a tonne of money, so it’s better you invest it in a good location. A mall location, a high-street area is great only for this reason because there is a constant entry of good tenants and a high scope of constructive development. The pre leased property consultant in greater Noida has all of these properties. On another front, investors nowadays are buying lands to opt for multiple purpose buildings that can keep tenants and permanent flat owners.



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