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How Technology has Changed Student Life

Technology is an integral part of everyone’s life. When we are living in a technological era we must understand its use and its process in our life. Technology has brought a drastic change in everyone’s life. When we think of life without technology it will be like hell because we started using technology in every field and in every depth of our life. In the business field, we can see the use of technology and its processing part. When we take the educational field we can say that technology has brought a drastic change in educational functioning and also changed the basic structure of education. It has made education more effective and qualitative one. Now we can see more than 90%of schools and colleges use technology because it enhanced the education and its system. As we know academic lives is a stressful one and have to face so many hindrances and challenges. In olden days students didn’t have other sources to make their learning process easy and flexible. But in this modern era, the impact of technology on education is a positive one. It helps students to face their challenges easily and face it without any stress.

How Technology has Changed Student Life
How Technology has Changed Student Life

Made them confident:

After the influence of technology in education, it has changed student’s mentality and the approach towards learning process. In the past when they got some school activities and they have to submit I it before the particular deadline they caught into stress. Because they didn’t have any kind of other referential sources so it made their academicals life stressful. But after the invention and use of technology in the educational field it made the student more confident in their work and in their learning process. When they had any doubt they will search it on the internet and made their learning clear. When they received assignment projects and other class activities they had referential source and they search on the internet and made their work easy and they can present it before the deadline. So we can see the confidence in their every work.

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Learning process more interesting:

Technology has made the learning process more interesting. When the teacher uses technological devices in the classroom to convey the learning materials ideas students can get that idea quickly and we know that learning through visual aids makes learning process interesting. They will show their enthusiastic nature and they will get involved in that particular subject. The teacher can relate the learning ideas with real life experience and it will make them understand that learning from books is the interpretations of life. It’s really helped students to change the thoughts regarding educational system. The teacher can use some video clippings and pictures related to that particular topics and made teaching process more effective. No need to depend on textbooks and other materials they can easily get everything by their single touch. If they miss their lecturing class they can ask for its lecturing class on the internet and they will get all source of information’s related to it this made their academicals life stress free and more interesting.

Stress-free academic life:

As we know that academic life is filled with stress and more tension because we have so many expectations from different people. From parents from teachers and also you want to do best in your life. So it’s not possible without the use of technology. When we get lots of academic activities we get confused and stress that we have to submit it before the deadline and it makes our life hell. We will not able to sleep and we will fall into depression and all. But as our educational system adopted the merits of technology it made everything flexible and easy. Technology helped to pass our academicals journey stress-free. They will face sleepless nights and it really negatively affected the students. They were not able to concentrate on studies and scored low marks which resulted in bad academicals performance. It caused health issues and affected their personality too. So a stress-free life is the best thing that technology has given to students. It really helped to enhance their learning ability and increased the quality of education.

Replacement of technological devices:

In olden days there were textbooks and other materials but now in this modern era, these textbooks were replaced by technological devices. Students will get up to date information’s and they will be able to stay with the present generations. It’s really important for a student to be connected with the present world. So technology gives every single aspect of life. And they will get each and every information. Now modern devices are taken place the importance and they play the very important role in the student’s life. They will get all real-world experience which will make their learning process more effective and it will increase their quality of education. They can sit in one place and learn when they are interested and they will get all learning related videos and they can see it and learn it from too. So it encouraged individual learning and it increased the concentration power of students.

                                                              Technology has changed everyone’s life. It made life easy and flexible. In every field, we can see its impact and it’s positively affected everyone’s life. When we are talking about the positivity but on the other side we should not forget to discuss the negative side of technology. Students are mainly addicted to technological devices. Some use it for educational purpose but some don’t use it for educational purpose and they use it for entertainment. So teachers and parents must observe their children, whether they are using technological devices positively or negatively. We must fix some kind of limitations in using technology. If they overusing technology it will affect their educational career and they may face some kind of problems so we must be sure that technology is used for educational purpose. So without any doubt, we can say that technology has increased the quality of education and it really helped students to lead a stress-free educational career. When they get technological skills in their primary education it will make them expert in that field and we know future is mainly focused on technology so students will be able to do well in the future. It will make them ready to face the future competitions and to lead a successful life.



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