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How To Buy Ripple In India? Four Platforms Where You Can Buy XRP In INR

Lately, many other cryptocurrencies have emerged along with Bitcoin and people are quickly preferring them as per their needs. With the introduction of many other cryptocurrencies, there are platforms which are offering buying and exchanging of these currencies. In India, there is a significant rise in the use of Ripple as cryptocurrency and people are in need of searching the best platforms to buy it. Many new and secured platforms have emerged lately which are facilitating the buying of Ripple in India.


How To Buy Ripple In India

Here are the four of the best platforms in India, where Ripple can be bought and exchanged with security and with ease. Moreover, these platforms have been trusted and are found to be the most reliable ones along with others which offer the same benefits.


1) BTCX India:-

BTCX India is a company which has its roots In Hyderabad and is a full-fledged crypto-token exchange company. For real-time trading and crypto-tokens and INR, it has Ripple (XRP) wallet exchange with added security services. This company was started by Kamesh Mupparaju in 2013 who is a commodity market trader. Moreover, it is the first Indian platform which offered buying and selling of Ripple and so the credibility it offers can be trusted.

2) Coindelta:-

This is a new platform which was started in 2017 and was started by few IIT graduates. This Pune-based platform offers live support 24/7 for the queries that users make. Its base currencies are Bitcoin and INR. The selling fee is 0% on this platform and the buying fee is 0.3%. With Ripple, other coins like Etherum, Litecoin etc. can also be bought and sold here.

3) Belinda:-

This is a startup for blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange. Chandigarh based platform, it supports buying and exchanging of cryptocurrencies like Ripple, Ethereum, Latecoin and Bitcoin in India. It claims to be out of frauds and has promised the maximum safety to the users.

4) Coinome:-

This is a project of Hatio Innovations Pvt. Ltd. And is a fully owned subsidiary of a 17-year-old, online payment leader of India, Bill Desk. This is a Mumbai based venture. Also, it is one of those platforms which are least time consuming and provides a service of instant transactions after providing quick e-KYC. Along with Ripple, it offers other cryptocurrencies’ options for buying and exchanging round the clock. This allows the work to be done even on weekends and holidays.



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