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All You Need to Know About Hyderabad Numaish Nampally Exhibition 2020!

The spectacular Numaish Nampally exhibition Hyderabad is among the world’s most awaited fairs! Held annually with more than 2,500 stalls spread over an area of about 23 acres. As well as the Numaish Nampally exhibition is among the largest fairs in the world. Scores of people come each day to the exhibition and go back with a handful of awesome things. With Numaish being a hit right since it began, you can expect Numaish Nampally exhibition 2019 to be even bigger this year!

Visiting this spectacular exhibition will be the best way to kick-start the New Year! We’ve brought you brief history of the fair in addition to Numaish Nampally exhibition 2020 dates.

History of the Hyderabad Nampally Exhibition:

Translated to mean Exhibition of the local products, Numaish (or Numaish Masnuaat-e-Mulki) was conceptualized by a bunch of Osmania University graduates in the year 1938 to exhibit locally-made products. Started at the Public Gardens, there were mere 100 or so stalls in the beginning. Because It quickly grew and had to be relocated to the Nampally Exhibition grounds it is currently held at. The name of the fair was changed from Numaish to All India Industrial Exhibition. However, it was rechristened as Numaish in the year 2009. A lot of people even book last minute flights to come and attend the spectacular Numaish exhibition Hyderabad.

What to expect at Numaish Exhibition Hyderabad 2020

With it being one of the grandest fairs ever, you can imagine how far in advance the Nampally exhibition 2020 stall booking might have begun! People from all over the country put up stalls to showcase specialties of their regions. Therefore, the Numaish Nampally exhibition stalls will offer you the chance to glimpse every region of the country all in one place! Top features include handmade apparel from West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh, dry fruits from Kashmir, and handicrafts from various parts of India.

Numails Exhibirion

The Numaish Nampally exhibition 2020 bears good news for hardcore foodies as well as. Haleem. Which is the special, mouthwatering, an iconic dish of Hyderabad is sold at the venue by top restaurant Pista House. You can gorge on as much of it as you’d like amid shopping breaks. Undoubtedly, Numaish is among the biggest fairs and festivals of Hyderabad!

Cultural Programs at Numaish Nampally exhibition

Many cultural programs are held throughout the 46-day period. You can expect to enjoy modern as well as classical music concerts, comedy shows, poetry(mushaira), and magic shows among other things. Very often, renowned Tollywood and Bollywood stars perform as well. There are games at the venue as well which begin 6:00 pm onward. Offering incredible fun, shopping, and games, this is one of the top fairs to attend when visiting the city on business class flights!

Entry and parking

You will need to purchase an entry ticket at the ticket counter outside and make your way to the gate. There is plenty of space to park at the venue. For four wheelers, there is a parking fee of INR 50. There is no parking fee for two wheelers and they can park on the road side. Do look out for officials when parking as sometimes, miscreants will charge you for parking even your two wheelers.

Security and surveillance

You need not worry about safety at Numaish exhibition Hyderabad. As well as There are over 25 CCTV cameras installed across the Numaish Nampally exhibition Hyderabad venue and metal detectors have been installed at all the entry points. Also, there are armed guards on the venue until 9:00 pm every day of the 46-day period event. Another thing that discourages miscreants hoping to cause a commotion is that the event is streamed live on the internet. So worry not about security and enjoy this smashing Hyderabad Nampally exhibition to its absolute fullest.

Numaish Nampally Exhibition 2020 Details

You should book cheap flights to Hyderabad pronto for a trip to attend this spectacular event! Here are a few details about the Hyderabad Nampally exhibition you’ll find helpful.

Nampally Exhibition Venue

Nampally Exhibition Society,

Exhibition Grounds,

Mukarram Jahi Roads,

Hyderabad, Telangana

Nampally Exhibition 2019 Dates

January 01, 2019 to February 15, 2019

Timings: 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Entry Fee: INR 30/- per person

(There is no entry fee for children below 5 years old)

Parking Fee: INR 50/- for four wheelers

(There is no parking fee for bikes; You can parked on the road side)

Numaish Nampally Exhibition Facilities

Listed are some of the top facilities at Numaish exhibition besides food, shopping, and entertainment.

  • Wheelchair facility for elderly and disabled people
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • ATM facilities
  • Cashless transactions at some stalls
  • Help desks manned by students
  • Special Republic Day celebrations on 26th January
  • Games, arts. As well as competitions for children
  • Baby show on February 4th

For more details, do check out www.numaishonline.com , the official website of the Numaish Nampally Exhibition 2019.



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