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Most Surprising Facts Revealed about SEO A/B Test

what is SEO A/B Tests?

SEO A/B testing is a simple process where a site that consists of a set of pages, similar layout, structure etc is split into two halves say A and B. Further changes are conducted on one group and the comparison is done with groups A and B. This comparison gives a clear picture of whether there is a progress, there is no difference, or whether there has been a downturn in the performance of the site. Therefore, the SEO A/B testing platform is helpful for pre-determining the result and implementing these results accordingly for one’s advantage.

How does SEO A/B Testing work?

The changes made in the A/B testing can be as simple like changing the heading1 or heading2 with keyword variations or changing the content by stuffing high volume keywords etc. These simple changes can have a huge impact on your website traffic. It can either lead to a rapid increase in the website traffic or sudden decrease in it.

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What are the necessary factors that are to be used before starting SEO A/B test?

•    Recognize your goals – This is the most critical aspect to be remembered. Goals can vary from clicking a link to purchase a product or signing up to e-mail etc.

•    Implement these goals with the right tools – Once you recognize your business goals find for the best solutions that can provide a better result. After that, by using the A/B testing software you can make the desired changes to your website.

•    Check how your experiment works – At this point, we can find out how many visitors are impressed with the changes made in the website through the user engagement.

•    Analyse the results – A/B testing shows the difference between how the two versions of your page performed. Thus, enabling you to decide what sort of changes should be made to website. 

Common Test Results that are obtained from SEO A/B Test

•    Stuffing high volume keyword will not raise the traffic: Inserting the high-volume keywords in the title or anywhere else on the page will not always increase the traffic. The reason for this may be ranking for the keyword variations on the page, competitors keyword strategy etc.

•    Each website performs differently: It is a known fact that every website is unique. One website may increase its traffic with only a few changes like implementing the technical audit in the website. While other websites even after revamping the whole website may not make much difference. It all depends on the viewer’s interest.

•    Landing page results in improved traffic: Landing page communicates information quickly and efficiently. It uses good copy and good design to achieve this. A well-organized page with a good site structure attracts the audience.

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