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Product Review: 4 things to know about Nike Flyease

Nike, a name we can always trust upon, has come up with a newly designed shoe- FLYEASE, that gives athletics a change to increase their physical performance significantly. The technology used allows athletes of all ages and group (both men/women) to wear and remove their shoes easily and in a more comfortable way. The shoes which is designed by one of the Nike’s most revered designers features the locked-down fit option with an adjustable strap that has replaced the requirement.

4 things to know about Nike Flyease
4 things to know about Nike Flyease

Nike Flyease comes in various different sizes and colors so you can easily pick the one that matches your requirement; so all the men and women athletics Nike has unveiled something new and innovative to say goodbye to your foot injury and pains, which other normal shoes give.

Expert critic reviews:

  1. Definitely, this is something different and unique being designed by Nike, these pair of shoes have zipper enclosed to zip and unzip rather than tying the laces whenever you wear or remove them. This will save a lot of time of athletics while carrying out the sports activities.
  2. Nike’s new Flyease are very comfortable to wear, also its soft fabric will prevent you from getting shoe bites. It has made a positive impact on the buyer’s pain levels. Comes in very attractive color and is perfect for those athletics who want to carry their style to the ground as well.
  3. Now even the disabled sportsperson will be able to perform well in the ground, surely a great way to increase their morale.

Beneath are the four things you need to know about Nike’s new range, Flyease

Usage: You can easily replace your traditional sneakers with this rough-tough sneaker that will be more comfortable and softer for your feet; the zippered heel allows you to slide without angling. Later you can easily close the zip back and prepare for a fastener and safe fit. The added feature of zipping, sliding, hooking and looping allows the athletic to carry out his regular task in a more comfortable way without affecting his/her capabilities.

Style: The shoes are designed in such a way that it goes hand in hand with Nike’s mission statement that is, “If you have a body, you’re an athlete.” This new FlyEase is an athletic shoe which is designed in a fashionable and stylish way that will surely match with your statement style. The bungee cords are replaced by the traditional laces which will keep your foot warm in the winters and the lines of the shoe are very sleek and attractive. So, come and pick your favorite colors and style, as it comes in different colors that will match your fashion sense.

Coziness: When it comes to comfort, no one can replace Nike’s products as it is highly expertise in taking the customer’s comfort to the next broader level. The FlyEase’s design and manufacturing are also going parallel with the company’s aim of providing utmost comfort and coziness to its athletics. Flyease’s added feature of zipper provides you the best comfort and stability when you are on ground and performing your best, the right amount of stability and comfort has made FlyEase a perfect choice for all your sports requirements.

Fabric: It is made up of lightweight and breathable fabric so that you don’t end up sweating badly after a tough running. Each pair of shoe is just eight ounces which makes it very comfortable to wear at various sports activities. The cushion sole from inside and responsive foam midsole will offer the right amount of softness, while the tread’s grooves will make it more stable; so wear the right kind of shoes that will make you more comfortable along with improving your physical performance. Since these shoes come in the variety of sizes, you can always get a proper fit that matches with the shape of your foot.

Shoes for people with disabilities as well: Nike always come up with innovative ideas for its diversified customers, it’s Flyease is designed in such a way that even the people with disabilities can easily wear them and can perform in a more enthusiastic way. The Flyease range has a series of sneakers that include special accessibility features for people with special needs.

Price: $45 onwards, but the price will change as per the color, design and size.

No matter what sports you choose, you always need proper footwear that can increase your overall performance without getting you involved in any kind of injury. Nike has a different range in Flyease including Flyease for running, Flyease for kids and Flyease for basketball. It is an online platform where you can get right your favorite pair of athletic shoes, use zappos promocode to grab your shoes at the most affordable prices. Wearing the right footwear is an important requirement before getting involved in any athletic activity, which will not damage your knee or ankles while running or jumping on the ground.



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