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Summer Car Care Tips

Summer, no doubt, is the perfect season for your road trips. While gearing up all the preparations for your summertime outings, it’s quite obvious that you forget to pay attention to your car’s maintenance. The high temperatures during summer are liable to take a toll on your vehicle’s important mechanisms. So, in order to beat the heat without compromising your vehicle’s performance, follow these simple summer car care tips.

1. Check the coolant system

In order to save your car from the scorching heat of summers, it is quite important to keep it cool. You should always monitor the levels of the coolant and engine oil, at least once a week. If it is required to add more liquid to the coolant, then the liquid you are adding will be a mixture of antifreeze and water, mixed in equal proportions. Also, keep an eye on the hoses and coolant reservoir. Check your car for any leaks, especially at the joints. Also, squeeze out the hoses every once in a while to ascertain that they are stiff and not very soft or weak.

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2. Check on Tires

When the temperature soars, your car tyres need to be looked after as well. Check for pressure, cracks or any types of uneven wears. This is because tires lose or gain pressure daily depending on the outside temperature. So, make sure that your car tires are well inflated before hitting the road for a summer trip.

3. Dashboard Sunshade

Try keeping your car away from extreme sunlight or make sure to cover it so that the cabin stays cooler. Consider, having a dashboard sunshade installed to protect the dashboard and interior from harmful rays of the sun. Even installing shades for windows can help in providing protection for the inside. These steps can also help in mitigating the risk of fading of the rear seats and dashboard areas over time.

4. Check all Essential Fluids

Remember to check on the stock of all essential fluids including oil, brake, power-steering and windshield-washer regularly. This is because seasonal weather changes can lead to low transmission of fluids. Either check it on your own or it get checked by the technicians.

5. Clean the Filters

During summers, it is paramount to clean your car’s air filters. If your car is not too old then it might be embedded with pollen filters or cabin filtration systems, make sure to take a look at them as well. If you still feel doubtful about it then get a new one or consult a technician.

6. Clean the Battery

The summer temperatures can take a toll on your car’s battery. As the heat during summers can increase the rate of fluid loss and result in oxidation of battery components. So, in order to keep it running well, clean the terminals of the battery cables and if the problem still persists taking, it to the service shop could be a way out.

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