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Super High Speed Cameras | Shutter Speed, Frame Rates & Exposure

Photography is a unique way of capturing such light that, if done correctly, you can collect light in many different and unique ways. And every one of them looks different, even if you have the same subject movie.

Today, we are going to talk about the challenges and rewards of filming using a super high speed camera. A high-speed camera is defined as a device that is capable of shooting in 250 frames a second or more. If you are making a filmmaker yourself and often video, you already know the importance of frame rates. To make ‘Natural Proposal Blur’ to frame a Somalia frame, our human eye copy rate is 24 or 30 (depending on the content). So you understand that roughly ten times the ‘frame rate’ will be killer slow-motion footage. Also See 9 creepy Games.

Perseverance of sight

Recently, Gavin discussed the challenges of filming using YouTube channels ‘Slow-Mo People’ using a super high-speed camera. The whole channel, as you can already think by its name, is dedicated to the stuff that happens quickly and then it’s slow down a frame rate that humans can experience. It seems so that many of these things may be strange to us on a daily basis; but even then they are right in front of us, we never get ‘see’ for real. This is mainly due to the occurrence of an event called persistence of sight.

The persistence of sight refers to the optical illusion that occurs when the visual perception of an object remains briefly entering the eye for some time after it does not fight after the rays of light proceedings. (Wikipedia definition)

In simple words, it means that we humans can only experience things that are happening at a certain speed; anything faster than that and we all see a blur with not much detail. For example, when a tablet is being extracted, it breaks a piece of glass piece when it hits the floor or flapping one of its wings flapping.

What really happens, as these things cannot keep a fast pace with our eyes, but it happens. You can think of this as a refresh rate like the screen of your computer. Refreshing our eyes and brain together is what it is looking at every 1/2 it means that everything that happens within that extremely brief period is lost and cannot be seen by the human eye.

Motion picture and animation

But do not be frustrated by thinking that you miss all ‘action’. The perseverance of vision is also the reason that makes all our favorite films and animations possible. Back when the first animation was made, it was all pulled and painted. All these pictures were in a special sequence that you really looked on the screen….

With the advent of DSLR & mirror cameras, we have actually entered an entirely new and modern area.

In most cases, some pictures per second. If this happened very quickly; our brain will magically join an image with another and it will look like a smooth and languid video. It is okay how we see our everyday life.

Now you know how many drawings it took to make Tom and Jerry their three minutes of the cartoon.

Super high-speed cameras have come a long way, but this is not really just by pressing records and weird stuff. There is a lot that goes behind the camera to make the footage look sharp and very dramatic.

The challenges of using a super high speed camera

Although shooting with super high-speed nuts of a super cup looks fun and adventurous, it’s not always easy. The number one challenge is that Gavin had an infinite struggle with the light of the discussion. A super high speed camera shoots at astronomical speed and frame rate. This is what they are made for. However, it also means that there is very little time for each frame risk.

It is almost impossible to shoot on a cloudy black day; It is definitely a sunlit day. Besides, for some videos which are shooting indoors, it requires a ridiculous amount of lighting support such high frame rates. A detailed aperture of the lens is helpful but it may not always be necessary to keep the subject in mind. So you will see that most of the video shot on a super high-speed camera is shot parallel to the sensor plane of the camera. This allows the camera to shoot the wide person and everything will remain in focus.

By the way, do you know that the shutter speed in these high-speed cameras is represented by a time period rather than an angle? It is a term that has been taken since the days when video cameras were a rolling shutter in contrast to the electronic shutter of Phantom cameras that uses Gavin today.

I really think many of the slow motion videos inspired ‘amazement’. We see that we cannot do with our naked eyes, and we understand and miracles on the beauty of things in a completely different environment.

Taking your camera out of “programmed auto” mode is one of the most significant steps you will take on your journey to becoming a better photographer. Anyone can pick up a camera and start taking snapshots in auto mode, but not everyone takes the time to master using the camera to the fullest extent of its power. No photograph will be out of your grasp if you learn how to leverage shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to your advantage



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