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TDS Telecom – The Best Service Provider with the Best Deals

TDS Telecom is an American company that provides versatile services in the field of internet connections. They use Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) network and provide you with different internet connections depending upon your region. With this DSL connection, they currently have their reach up to thousands of rural and suburban areas. The various association types utilized by TDS Internet permit them to offer an expansive scope of download speed at prudent costs.

TDS internet ensures that you receive seamless internet flow, whether you are working from home, streaming your favorite TV program, or just surfing over the internet. Here are the types of internet packages that TDS offers, along with their details.

  1.  Lite– This is TDS’s most basic internet package and is well suited for a single user. It provides a speed of 1mbps, which is best for emailing, web browsing, audio, and e-book file downloading.
  2.  Express – It offers you the speed of downloading a good 5 MB of data per minute. This internet package is suitable for sharing between two users, and it can download a 4 minute in just 6 seconds, basically a 50 MB file in just 5 minutes.
  3.  Turbo –The turbo package is best if you wish to share the internet between 2-3 users as it runs at the speed of 15 Mbps. Besides general web browsing and downloading light files, this package can support light gaming, video streaming, and live face-timing. 
  4.  Mach –It gives a speed of 25 Mbps and has the potential of downloading media files smoothly other than gaming, chatting, and live streaming.
  5.  Extreme 25 –This package also gives a speed of 25 Mbps, the difference being that it uses TDS Broadband Fibre instead of DSL. This package allows the usage by 3+ users, browsing, gaming, video chatting, downloading, and uploading (at 5 Mbps).
  6.  Extreme 50 and Extreme 100 –The extreme 50 and extreme 100 packages of TDS Internet give internet speeds of 50 Mbps and 100 Mbps, respectively, resulting in smooth gaming, streaming, downloading, and uploading. 
  7.  Extreme 300 and Extreme 600 – More than 4 and 10 users can use them, respectively, such that an operating system worth 1.31 GB will take just 35 and 18 seconds, respectively.
  8.  1 GIG – This is the most advanced package offered by TDS Internet with an internet speed of 1000 Mbps, through which you can upload data at 400 Mbps and can download small files with just a click.  

What else TDS offers?

  • TDS Wifi – The networks of TDS wifi are spread to increase the routing capacity of the signals and minimize the dead and slow spots throughout the premises. The standard installations include one base station and one beacon; however you can use additional beacons if you wish to get coverage in the area of over 2500 square feet. TDS also brings you the app through which you can control the network system through your mobile itself.
  • Internet security – When the TDS security is installed on your system, it helps your system fight various bugs, viruses, junk, and spam. It safeguards your transactions and other personal details and blocks malicious sites. It also enables you to set the access time and monitor downloads.
  • Hacker alert and Identity protection – The hacker alert attribute offered by TDS can detect spam, malware, bugs, and viruses on any device connected to your house’s TDS wifi network. Also, the hacker alert feature helps you trace any hacking activity or security threat and not only notifies you about it but also takes action against them. Over the top, it just costs $5 per month; it works well with your existing anti-virus software and does not let your device slow down.
  • Online backup and remote support – Unlike the other providers who offer you technical support considering the products and services you buy from them, TDS provides support to all your connected devices. The remote support services imply that a TDS technician remotely accesses your device to ensure that it is free from bugs. Its performance is tuned up, and all the extended systems like the printer or console are set up correctly. At the same time, the online backup services allow you 200 GB of storage to store your digital data, including photos, videos, or music.

At the end!

TDS Telecom is growing with its highest speed with its network of countless members. Other than TDS internet services, TDS is endowed with many other services like a TDS email account. They also have combos and timely discount packages to offer you. So if you are not a member of TDS till now, you are missing out on something unique. Want to know what? So try out their service once, and you’ll see by yourself.

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