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Does Web Security Really Affect SEO?

Have you heard someone saying even web security can affect your SEO? Don’t you think that would be insane? But that’s true. Say, your website is on air for more than a decade and that everything is fine with your website and you find nothing wrong with your website.

On the other hand, all your social media promotions are going well as well. And you have lived through several Google algorithm changes. That would be a great survive.  But have you ever witnessed hacks on your website?

There are chances of your website getting hacked. Beside causing you a ton of issue, it can likewise have consequences from a SEO point of view. When you get hacked, it can execute discussions, sway traffic, and damage your image all in all – and these things can affect web crawler rankings. When it transpires, it can set aside a long opportunity to fix it. The best methodology is to do your best to forestall getting hacked in any case.

That doesn’t mean you need to wait until your website gets hacked.

In today’s post I have come up with a few preventive steps that can prevent your website from being hacked.

#1 Make your website private:

There were times when making your information publicly visible was one of the trust building factors. It is no more the same. At recent times it is very important to make your website private that your information is not misused by any other hacker.

#2 Host on a secure platform:

In the event that your organization makes a huge number of dollars of income, you would prefer not to run with the least expensive facilitating bundle. You likewise may not need the costliest. So, what would it be advisable for you to do? The appropriate response is, you ought to pick the organization that has all the correct security measures, for example, firewalls and other security features, set up. A decent organization will have the resources set up to keep your website from being hacked.

#3 Secure your site with HTTPS:

Getting your website protected is the ultimate need of the moment and you need to be more careful in choosing the right method to protect it. The most suggested is to install the SSL certificate on your website. You could find a green padlock with HTTPS secure sign along with your domain name which resembles that your website is secured and is free of hacks. This builds trust among your users and increases your ranking in Google.

#4 Plugins:

On the off chance that you use WordPress or whatever other stage that utilizes plugins, ensure these plugins are dependably exceptional. Obsolete plugins are a typical motivation behind why hackers can get into your site. To keep this from being an issue, you have to ensure everything is modern.

#5 Monitor your website:

There are multiple options to consistently monitor your website and its activity. You can use either of them or you can choose the right agency that helps your website get going. If you choose to opt for online service, you can choose the best online partner who take good care of your website and sign into their services.

#6 Strengthen Passwords:

Passwords are the gateway to your website backend, and you need to make it as strong as possible. A weak password is easy to attack and penetrate hence your website can be hacked. All you need to do is build strong passwords whenever you create one and make sure you change them on timely basis.

#7 Google Search Console:

A decent method to comprehend if your website has ANY specialized issues, particularly specialized issues that straightforwardly identify with your search engine optimization program, ensure you have a functioning Google Search Console account. Likewise, sign in and check your Google Search Console account on week by week premise (or ask your SEO firm to do this, on the off chance that they don’t as of now!)

Wrap up:

Web security is not just adhering to the terms and policies of Google and its ranking factors. You need to be more specific and diligent in handling your website security. The above-mentioned are a few important points that you can follow to prevent your website from being hacked and this might help you in securing your online ranking status.

There are several other strategies that you might find online, but the most important ones are tagged here for your reference. Check if you have followed all the above-mentioned points on your website. In case if you haven’t tried them, you should definitely utilize them to make your website secured enough to withstand threats. Have I missed any of the valuable points? Do let me know through your comments. And do not miss to let us know your success stories.



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