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What Is Asset Tracking and Why Is It Important?

In the past, asset tracking was a tedious task detested by specialists who had to spend a lot of time to monitor objects, and track lost items. Fortunately, the situation has changed and thanks to the rapid development of technology we can benefit from various smart methods. What is asset tracking and why is it so crucial?

Asset tracking – what is it?

Asset tracking is the process during which companies try to identify assets and determine their location in real time. This method is applied in various industries from healthcare, to finances, logistics, and education. 

As you may guess, there are certain situations when problems with locating specific objects can have serious consequences. This may happen in healthcare, where each minute may be worth its weight in gold.

Available methods

When it comes to available technologies that can be used for real time asset tracking, it’s crucial to mention:

  1. Bluetooth
  2. RFID
  3. Ultra-Wideband
  4. NB-IoT
  5. Wi-Fi
  6. ZigBee

As you can see, the market abounds in options to choose from. Depending on your needs and requirements, you may go for different solutions meeting your expectations. 

Why is asset tracking so important?

Today’s asset tracking technology is much more easy to use and understand. Many programs are now cloud-based systems that sync with mobile apps and come with a mobile barcode scanner that can be used with an employee’s own smartphone or tablet.  There are various reasons showing why asset tracking is so important. When analyzing them, it’s worth mentioning that:

  • Real time asset tracking can save lives – it allows healthcare professionals to quickly locate objects necessary to take care of patients, find hospitals with free beds, and access medical records with vital information.
  • It generates savings – thanks to monitoring elements such as the number of employees who come to the office, business owners are able to quickly calculate whether they need so much space. Consequently, they can make informed decisions and generate savings. 
  • It prevents theft – by monitoring valuable objects and being able to track them in real time, it’s possible to minimize the risk of theft and quickly locate stolen objects.
  • Asset tracking allows companies to monitor assembly lines and track machines to make more sustainable decisions.

These are only some benefits of real time asset tracking solutions. Apart from bringing companies tangible benefits, they allow them to be on the safe side and protect valuable objects.

The takeaway

Real time asset tracking is a modern solution that makes it possible to monitor and locate valuable objects, or assets on the fly. Thanks to it, companies can generate significant savings, prevent many mistakes, and make informed decisions.

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