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What make Ethereum so special and how it is more useful form of cryptocurrency?

Ethereum is basically decentralized platform that run various smart applications using which people can trade in bitcoins and do exchange. Within time period of 2 years, it has become quite popular and has gained wide acceptance. In fact, it is the second largest and most used digital currency. Most of the apps which are built for dealing in cryptocurrency run on a customized platform and block chain using which transactions are made possible. You can even download ethrereum wallet which is the best platform and make things much convenient.

what is Ethereum

There are many benefits of using and creating account in ethereum wallet, some of them are:.

  • Zero downtime
  • Secure
  • Tamper proof
  • Immutability
  • Corruption

How to Create Ethereum Account?

One and simplest way of creating an Ethereum account is using Ethereum wallet as this application allows you to interact with various accounts and manage them easily. Once, you have launch the app then simply create account and set password which you should not forget as it is the only way of accessing information. After this your account will appear in wallet section showing zero balance. Click on balance section you can add money by providing bank details and other necessary details. Once, you are done with account note down public address which you are going to share with other people and users.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and ethereum OR How Is Ethereum Different From Bitcoin?

difference between Bitcoin and ethereum

Ethereum is second most used cryptocurrency and offers several benefits. This is one of the main reasons that make it different from bitcoins and knowing about this more people are opting for it. In comparison to bitcoins, Ethereum create transactions more quickly. Along with this, it do not work only as storing value and even adopted widely in accordance to bitcoins. Ethereum is even more effective and most importantly it also allows third party applications which can run on network. In fact, Ethereum is controlled by central server but in case of bitcoin it is not so.

Best Wallet or app for buy and sell Ether in India?

Several apps and wallets are there which can be used for dealing, selling and buying ether in India. With help of wallet things can sorted easily and moreover Ether can be stored effectively. Some of the best and top rated wallets that one can prefer using are Koinex is best Portal for buy and sell etherum in India. and there are also some other app and website for buy etherum:- coinmama, GDax, Kraken, BITTREX, coinbase, bitpanda and many more.



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