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Why Stick to old Stereotype T.V while you have Online Marketing

There were days where people love to watch T.V commercials. Those interesting Ads that used to be in trend for a long time. Now the time has changed. With the advent of the internet, the world has transformed into a whole new digital era.  Furthermore, Television advertising consumes more cost which a waste of money for small and medium scale investors is.

Another major disadvantage of T.V marketing is lack of targeted audience. Apparently, most of the viewers on Television are from mid-aged people and people who are not in the need to purchase or invest in a product.  What’s the use if you do not make your targeted customers acknowledged about your product/brand/service.

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“Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow” – Bill Gates”

In the recent trends, there are plenty of discussions going on about digital marketing transformation. The transformation from engaging the customers digitally to operating digitally.  It is a total package of how marketing is done, what are the insights gained etc. The advantages of online marketing are enormous. From teenagers to adults everyone will have at least a basic idea of how to use mobile phone/smartphone. Therefore, it is no big deal for businesses to target a specific category of customers.

Online Marketing over T.V Advertisements

•    Good Interpretation – T.V adds are fleeting and cannot be conveyed in the right way. This is because tv adds do not last for long. The maximum time limit for Television advertisements is 2-3 mins and to watch that advertisement again the viewer should wait for a long time. Whereas online marketing focuses on the targeted customers and through re-marketing and re-targeting ads are displayed again and again that forces the audience to click on the link and view. Thus, they get a clear idea about the products or services offered.

•    Gaining viewers’ attention – 90% of the viewers change the channel during T.V commercials. While others turn down the volume of the T.V during ads. Well, online marketing has the advantage of displaying adds that are unavoidable. There are possibilities that the viewers might like the product and know more about it.  We all would have come across this situation while watching a video on YouTube.

•    Better brand awareness – Constructive brand awareness improves the business by getting more customers. To be successful in a crowded market you should make your brand popular. In traditional tv advertisements creating brand awareness can be a tedious process also consumes more money. Online medium is a cheap and proficient way to make your brand popular.

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