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5 Lessons I’ve learned while creating a Wikipedia Page

The other day I was going through a website, the website named as Wikipedia and I found out interesting facts about it. One of the facts that inspired me a lot was that within a time of 17 years this website has made it into top five most visited website in the world leaving billions of other websites behind and millions of people access it on regular basis. Well, with such facts being identified I wanted a page for myself on it and started the search for the ways of how to create a Wikipedia page. But to my surprise, I learned a number of other things while exploring the same. Here are 10 things that I learned while creating a Wikipedia.

  1. Research is important

Research is the basis for anything to happen and from business, to even creating a page on Wikipedia everything requires researching on it and finding the facts that are hidden or unknown without research the productivity of a work is almost half.

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  • You need to be specific

Being specific and sticking to the goal or point is important in anything. If you have vagueness in your stuff it will probably make the readers or viewers be inattentive or will make them lose theattraction.

  • Choosing the right platform matters

Choosing the platforms is important, either it is for marketing or for getting the attention of the customers or anything else. The right platforms matters in order to target the audience effectively.Such as if I want to share the information Wikipedia could be one of the best platforms for the same. Thus, you should choose the platform according to the purposes that you have and matching the same with the specifications of the platform. This will make you achieve your objectives effectively.

  • Writing skills could be important

In this era when everything is becoming online and digitalized here one of the things you can count on for earning money is writing. While Wikipedia I realized that it is totally based on the written content and it also made me realized that there are a number of other plat forms that are also based on written content and writing skills could be important for making the best out of these platforms. Although, not everybody is able to write however people who can write are projected to be in the ones that have a successful career in recent times.

  • A new way of content marketing

In this era of digitalization, one of the ways of marketing is content marketing that is done by publishing the content on digital platforms. While creating Wikipedia page I came to know that this could be a new way of making the content marketing for business and individuals. This can give a boost in the sales as this platform has access to millions of people and everything you publish here comes in the notice of many people thus it could be effectively used for content marketing, however, the guidelines and requirements of the Wikipedia must be followed.

Wikipedia was just another information sharing and gathering website for me until I started creating a page on Wikipedia and then I came to know about how different purposes could be achieved through Wikipedia and how a number of things could be learned from Wikipedia while creating a professional Wikipedia page. From the importance of research to looking at Wikipedia as an effective content marketing platform, everything was learned during the efforts to create a Wikipedia page and it made me identify the facts that were not only important for creating a Wikipedia page but were also important or essential in different aspects.



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