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Role Of Technology In Stock Market

Technology has changed our lives and playing an important role in today life everywhere in the world.  No matter whether you area individual, employee, entrepreneur or a government, everyone is getting help from technology. If you are an investor or want to invest in the financial securities then should need to aware of the role of the technology in the stock market.

So what is Technology? It is processed to create new knowledge and to use them in the creation of tools and material for the welfare of the human beings.

Role Of Technology In Stock Market
Role Of Technology In Stock Market

What is the Stock Market? It is the marketplace where buying and selling of publicly held companies financial securities have been taken place. The success of the Netherland based stock exchanges is evident through the use of the technology. Any stock platform has effects on any country economy, if the stock exchange is performing well then it has a positive impact on the technology and vice versa.

Increasing Presence Of Businesses On the Web

The businesses tend to sell online boosted in the year 1990. Nowadays every business has an online presence. However, in the start, these companies can’t earn high profit but mostly focus to boost traffic on their site. In the start, few sites were offering financial securities for sale to the general public.

In Uk boo.com and Lastminute.com were offering the shares and other financial securities on high prices to the public.

Markets Operations With Help Of Social Media

Any advertisement is not a good advertisement on social media, the much fake news always floating online on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus etc. For example, in 2010 a rumor was circulating that the Twitter stock price has been decreased due to the crash of a plan.

Many positive but fake also news circulating on different media. The purpose of the fake news is to sell the stock and to earn profits by the fraudulent activity. This bad strategy is known as the bump and dump.

Many people advertise as: I just invested 500 dollars in the company stocks and now I have earned 10000 dollars. So any emotion on social media is affecting the price of shares.

Digital Or Online Trading

Digital Or Online Trading
Digital Or Online Trading

Majority of the stock exchanges worldwide has been started trading on the computers between the years 1980 to 1990.  Technology brings revolution in the stock market. The company stocks can be purchased or sold anywhere online. The deals can be performed quickly by the top quality computers in no time. The use of the Algorithms modernized the stock market and brokers and it is helping the investors and broker which stock need to sell or buy. Algorithms also construct charts with figures to invest safely in the stocks.

Algorithms analyze different stock exchanges and securities and present you with price, amount, and order information. Every day many fraudulent people manipulate the stock price information and arrested by security agencies.

 The online financial news about the company stock can increase or decrease the stock price. For example, the news about the company takeover on the internet or social media can help to increase the stock price of that company.



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