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7 Backlink Strategies For Effective Results

Backlinks are always an effective way of having a renowned figure among others in the search engine. The high-quality backlinks always proves itself a most important factor for having an impressive result on search engines.

This technique is very old as well as evergreen for growing the search traffic for your website and pages. Whether it is a game or a professional world more than 90% of the population, fight for the number 1 position and it is only achievable if you apply the right strategy in your process.

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There is no quick trick which could rapidly enhance the result of your website. But there are various types of back link strategies which could definitely help you in a long run and improve search visibility.

So, let us explore the 7 backlink strategies for effective results

1. Know about your competitors’ fan and target them

It will always a beneficial deal for you to target your competitors’ fan and make them yours. Targeting those potential bunches of people is completely useless if you are not able to cope up with the requirement of those audiences. Even, identifying your competitors’ fan is completely useless for you if you are not able to make a healthy relationship with them as what your competitor had done.

Apart from all this, as your competitor has managed to target and make those audiences their fan, then you too had the same potential. After all, you both deal in the same type of services and products. After this, if you made them your fan too, then it is very obvious that they will like your links too, which will end up in providing you an effective result for your website and pages.

Further, there is plenty of software available online to track down the fans of the competitors by just providing the domain name of your competitor.

2. Use the outdated resources for building your links

It is a more beneficial deal if you could develop a new strategy using an old link because of this the time where your creativity will be used. So for the very first step involves in searching the sites belonging to the same industry in which you use to belong. During your search for those sites, you need to focus on the sites which have changed their URL, shut down, stopped updating the resources, changed the name, and stopped offering the services.

The second process involves knowing whether the selected link is still connects to the older URL or not. Because it is essential as you are going to use it as your backlink. During this process also check all the metrics of the domain which affects your ranking on SEO.

The final step is to reach those people who are linked with the outdated link and make them your potential audience. This is will definitely provide you with very effective results.

3. Check your domain level competition

There are many sites which are currently available in the search engines which is giving you a tough competition on the domain level. Thus, it is very essential you know the level of competition and makes yourself prepared for the outcome. There are many tools available online which could help you in finding the domain level competition after all, these are the sites which compete with you in the SERPs as a whole.

It is not necessary that your competitors are your real world, traditional competitors, those competitors could also compete with you based on the keywords. So, domain level checking is an important strategy for a better result on SEO.

4. Compete with your competitors on page level competition

You must have heard you skyscraper technique right? So use them at the right time and make your work much more attractive than before. The basic fundamental behind this to make your page much more attractive than your competitor so that the audience could be more attracted towards your site.

The best way to judge the page level competition is to calculate the PA of your competitor domain using various Moz tools which are available online and compare it with your data. In this case, you will definitely get to know the page strength of your competitor and hence you can work on your page and make it more perplexing than theirs.

5. Track down your competitor’s new backlink strategies

It is essential for you to know the moves your competitor because this is the only thing which will help you know their upcoming strategy. If your competitor has got a new link, then it is very obvious that there are more links available too which could be grabbed by you. You can check the availability of similar type of link with the help of tools which are available online.

Moreover, you need you to react to these types of opportunity in a blink because you never know will this be available for the next chance or not.

6. Search about your competitor’s guest post

This strategy is considered as one of the simplest ways for getting an effective result in a short span of this. You can use the three effective way for it. The first way is to use the Google advanced search queries, the second way is to use reverse image technique and the last and the final way is to use Ahrefs content explorer.

Keep this thing in mind, that if your competitor had already a guest post accepted, then there is a huge scope you in that particular site too.

7. Try to find some similar link like your competitor has

If your competitor’s site is popular with a certain style of link, then there is a great chance that using a similar kind of link to help you gaining huge popularity among your targeted audience.

You just can’t use any of the similar links, while choosing it you must consider the quality and superiority of that particular link over to your competitor.

Consider the link as an essential part of your result, because this is the only place where you will get your potential customer in near future.


It is always an essential part of SEO, to pick up the right and most useful backlink strategy for getting an effective result. Thus, the above mentioned strategies could help you in the best possible way of having the most relevant outcome.

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