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8 Alternatives To Coinmarketcap

Coinmarketcap is one of the most trusted and popular platforms to compare cryptocurrency valuations right now. This site up till now is dominating where price checking of cryptocurrencies is concerned. However, the reliance on this site to check cryptocurrency valuations is so much that it is appearing to be over-reliant and is hinting at drawbacks which can be caused due to it in the future. Since it is a centralised repository of data, there are dangers that it might go against the very principles of the decentralised arena. So here, we have listed 8 alternatives to Coinmarketcap you can choose to avoid risk and dangers associated with Coinmarketcap.

8 Alternatives To Coinmarketcap
8 Alternatives To Coinmarketcap

1)    Onchainfx:-

This site is providing much more metrics that other valuation site for cryptocurrencies. Here, data can be viewed as a coin’s 20150 market cap (in order to calculate its future worth), ROI, historical prices, the percentage of supply issues and more. It also has the ability that can compare the movement of two assets side by side.

2)    Coincodex:-

It is closely modeled on CMC, but has cleaner interference in comparison. In addition, its visualizations are also impressive. For example, results can be filtered based on the cryptocurrencies’ performance with the period between 24 hours and a year. For beginners, this site has guidelines for cryptocurrencies trading and other related stuff. Interesting market tidbits are stocked in the Coindex Twitter, therefore it is worth following.

3)    Cryptocompare:-

For all the things related to cryptocurrencies, Cryptocompare is one stop to shop! One can get informed about the rankings of cryptocurrencies and exchanges with the displaying of recent trades in real time. One can filter coins, view mining information and read reviews of wallets here on this platform. There is a system of forum commenting which offers a peep into user’s emotion regarding different coins and exchanges.

4)    Bitinfocharts:-

You can call it a mess but the amount of information this platform gives, it can be said to be one of the most useful sites to compare different cryptocurrency. The number of transactions is visible on this site which is sent with their average value for major cryptocurrencies. The data is also here with block times with wallets which includes rich lists and wealth distribution. How active each coin’s Github repository is, is also reported by this site in detail. This gives an idea about the projects under development and those who have gone to seed.

5)    Coincheckup:-

Coincheckup offers all the relevant data relating to cryptocurrency research along with the information about each coin’s average daily volatility and ROI in the past one month.

6)    Coingecko:-

This platforms too follows the format of CMC but has some special features. Based on the cryptocurrencies’ hashtagging algorithm, it filters them. This feature is very useful for miners. There is a section which reveals about coming ICOs.

7)    Coincap:-

It is not entirely based on CMC but works in similar basis. The difference is that it updates Shapeshift prices in real time. This can get overwhelming after a time but for utmost accuracy, this is helpful.

8)    Coinlib:-

The special feature that highlights Coinlib to check valuation of cryptocurrencies is that is can get as many as four cryptocurrency compared side by side. One can give a chance to this platform and hopefully will not get disappointed.



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