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How to choose best preschools for your child

A preschool, commonly known as nursery school, per-primary school, playschool, or kindergarten. Is an educational establishment or learning space that offers early childhood education to children before they begin compulsory education at primary schools.

A high-quality preschool presents learning in a fun kind-of environment to prepare your child. To be a future leader, boosting the self-esteem and optimizing their learning habits.

The per-primary education trains your child to develop a global mind-set. Teaching to appreciate multi-cultural ism for developing a sense of acceptance of other cultures. As well as conducting team building activities for toddlers to promoting team-work. As well as its instills a co-operative spirit in kids beside being a good listener and teaching basic life-skills in a global educational environment. That helps in cultivating a love for learning which goes a long way making your child school-ready. So for these reasons, the parents who are aware of the importance of quality early education are taking this route of preschool. To develop the social, emotional, linguistic and cognitive skills for their children.

Besides the above-mentioned qualities there are some more factors which are driving the growth of preschool segment across India as follows:

  • Increase in demand for first-rate per-primary education for children.
  • Improving the living standard.
  • Increase in working mothers number.
  • The increase of nuclear families.
  • Increasing in disposable personal income.

Choosing a preschool is a tedious task. While you are touring around the preschools, keep the following factors in mind which are instrumental in choosing one that best suits your child:


This is the most important part of a preschool. So keep an eye on the teacher’s interactions with students. Because taking obvious care of the children, they like what they are doing and they have adequate training.


Verify the school’s emergency plans and teacher-student ratios and also the playground while touring the school.


The classrooms should have child-sized furniture, spacious for moving around, spotting for print rich class-rooms i.e because it should have lots of books, teachers writing down children’s stories and also look for kid-made books, student’s work around the classrooms like, art, writing, building creations and pictures.


The communication between the school and parents i.e., having a school handbook, monthly newsletters. Therefore calendars and emails, individual communications of teachers to parents via. Daily notes, weekly events or communication apps.

Behavioral Management

Clear expectations and follow through i.e., the behavioral guidelines of classrooms, age-appropriate expectations along with clear rules and consequences and also the teaching of the staffs to children for solving problems with their peers.

Class Scheduling

There should be a lot of play-time, as children learn through play and this is incredibly important. The “center time” or “choice time”, it’s the time when children explore lots of concepts in small groups like, building in the block center, telling a story about arctic wild animals, etc. As well as The children should also have a “circle time” or “calendar time” i.e., having some time together as a class, where children have one-on-one time with the teacher, etc. Apart from all these the children should have time to play outside i.e., playing, running, riding bikes, etc., for every day.


There should be a teaching plan and not to buying curriculum from outside, hands-on activities, other details like, music, arts and crafts, lots of books, real per-writing and writing work, language experiences, sensory play, all kinds of science experiments and exhibition, etc. Every day should hold one kind of activity or other.

One of the best preschools is Brats n Cuties, which is located in Dwarka, Delhi. Because they have skilled faculty with years of experience in the field of nursery education and creating a name as one of the best preschools in Dwarka.

More about the best preschools

The infrastructure of the school is aesthetically planned and have well ventilated and bright classrooms. Every classroom is like a workshop for itself and is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, toys and teaching aids.

Classes have fewer students which facilitate better attention towards a single student and are encouraged to participate and articulate. Thus enhancing the confidence of a child and their learning experience. The ratio is restricted to 1:12, that helps to uniquely study a child and easier to connect with them.

The school have installed security cameras which provide live streaming to the parents through the web. Because the visitors are not permitted beyond the front-office. In the play area. Strict supervision is ensured and every child gets in/out of the school by digitally maintained check-in system called RF-ID.

Curriculum pivots around tree-way learning between teachers, parents and tots all are equal participants. But they also teach in BNC’s Docudrama methodology, tablet-based learning, conduct education trips, held festivals and events, a special assembly for exposing students for public speaking, etc.

The school also provide hygienic and freshly prepared meals.All these facilities make the school the Best Play School In Dwarka.



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