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How To Open a Forex Trading Account?

forex account defines more than one currency in the Indian market. Many Indians who want to trade in foreign currency or foreign company shares need to open a forex trading account which is possible only through a stock market broker to know the moment of the foreign exchange market. Users can trade in various currency categories such as EUR, USD, YEN, etc. The timing of the forex market is 24 hours.

To open a forex trading account, users need to follow a few simple steps:-

  1. A search of a reputed broker in Google with a proven licensed and good record in the market
  2. Fill up all the required details regarding your name, pan card, city, mobile number, bank account details, etc.
  3. The broker will set up your account, and it hardly takes 2-3 days for activating your account.
  4. After starting, you set a new pin of your own choice for your personal and better security.
  5. You add your own choice of currencies to your watch list and start trading by converting your INR money into USD.

Types of forex trading account

There are two main types of forex account


All the brokers offer the demo forex account that allows you to trade in virtual currency. The benefit of this account is for beginners who are very new to the forex market, and they want to learn a few basics of the forex market, but the only thing is the money is calculated in points. The broker offers the facts to trade and knows how the forex market runs in real life. 

  • While trading in a demo trading account, you don’t analyze your risk as you know the cash is unreal. Still, you will see the moment of currency at a particular time, and you have to be very analytical at those moments, like why the money is the move? What is the reason behind that? You have to be very updated with news, current daily affairs, bank policy, RBI policy, etc., to be trading in the currency market as the market is very volatile many times. The motive is to provide a demo trading account is to build and sharpen share your skills and give you a brief idea of the currency market.

A real forex account allows you to trade with real money with the real market rates. They charge you some brokerage charges regarding buy and sell orders, and the government will automatically set the security tax through that purchase and sell. The profit will automatically add to your account within 24 hours, and the 80% money is said after you sell the currency or stock.

  • Real account trading is quite different from demo trading as you deal in real cash and real market prices. You have to be very sharp and manage your portfolio with different types of currency, which gives you profit.

Pros of utilizing Virtual stock or currency exchanging stages 

  • There is no compelling reason to open a Demat/trading account or experience any documentation procedure. 
  • No genuine cash is required to begin virtual trading. 
  • Constant market situations to evaluate various methodologies and get familiar with the essentials. 
  • Hazard free exchanging practice. 
  • Alright, commit errors and accept hazards as there’s no genuine misfortune here. 

Cons of utilizing virtual stock exchanging stages 

  • There’s no enthusiastic connection as genuine cash can’t. 
  • You can rapidly get exhausted as winning/losing virtual cash isn’t energizing. 
  • The actual market situation may be somewhat similar to the virtual exchange condition. 
  • In the virtual exchanging stages, members face additional challenges and wagers than they would take in a real situation.

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