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Does The Latest Technology Help Or Harm In Education?

Technology is something which helped to enhance the quality of education as well as helped to enhance the quality of teaching. In the past, there was no technology and students completely depend upon the teachers but in this modern era learners depend upon the technology not only students but also teachers depend upon the technology to increase the quality of education. Parents mainly search for such institutions which will be able to give the best education for their child with the help of technology. Because we know I every field we can see the influence of technology and our future will completely depend upon the technological skills and technological devices.

Does The Latest Technology Help Or Harm In Education
Does The Latest Technology Help Or Harm In Education

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So when we take the technology we must give importance to the merits and demerits of technology in the educational field. If we take technology as a positive way there are so many developments that technology brought in the educational field. Through the help of technology, students have become very confident learners and they will be able to perform well in their academic life. But when we take its bad effect we must understand one thing that when the technology becomes a harm to education only when they used in a wrong way. If they are used in the right way and right direction with the guidance of a teacher it will bring a miracle in the field of education. So every aspect has a positive and negative impact it’s up to us how we should take it and how we should use it.

Made students more confident

If we take the positive side of technology over education we can say that technology has made students more confident in their academic career. In the past when they got the class work and other project works they got stressed and they didn’t have any kind of ideas on how to start and what we have to include. They waited for the guidance of their teacher and they completely depended upon them. But after the influence of technology in the educational field, we can say that students actively participate in their class work and confidently submit their additional work because of the technological influence. Technology helps every individual in their academic life. In their single touch, they can understand the idea of the subject and can refer so many things related to those particular topics. So such influence made them more confident and proceeds stress-free academic life.

Real life experience

By using technological devices in the classroom teacher can present real-life experience in the classroom. They can connect with the real world. For understanding the ideas and concepts students must be connected to a real life only theoretical presentation is not enough for their learning. And also helps to make the class more active and interesting. When the teacher presents certain clippings and certain videos which are related to the study materials they can easily connect with it real world and understand the idea.

Increased quality of education

Technology really helped in increasing quality of education. In the past teachers have to use only textbooks but when the technology was invented and used in the educational field teacher found educational learning and teaching process more interesting and more energetic. Technology is now an important part of a teacher’s curriculum. By showing videos and clippings related to the subject and concept teacher made teaching process more interesting. And also they will get all kind of opinions and suggestions and planes related to the teaching process for making the teaching process more interesting with the help of technology. In the past, for the training session they have to go certain place but now such things are not needed they will get all the detailed review of training sessions with the help of technology no need to waste their time and class hours. So by sitting in front f computer, they will get all the detailed information’s related to the subjects. So it really helped teachers in teaching certain difficult subjects like math’s and science where we need real-life experience. So it helped to enhance the quality of education.

                If we are talking about the positive side of the technology over computers we must understand that there are negative sides too. As there are two sides of single coin like that here also we have the two sides. But the negative aspects can be controlled by the help of good guidelines by the teachers and parents. If the teacher uses the computer system n the class there is a chance that students will do their own work in that they will misuse the computer. So it depends upon the teacher. The teacher must give complete directions for using a computer system and we must make them follow the rule imposed by the teachers. Another negative aspect is they mat loss concentration on the topic. There is a chance of losing concentration while using technological devices and video clippings in the classroom. Certain negative points are there but we must try to guide the students in the best possible way.

                Apart from certain negative points, we must focus on the positive side of technology. It has brought so many developments in the field of education ad brought a big change in the teaching style. Teachers now don’t use that old traditional teaching style as the time changed according to that everything’s changed. Now every classroom is digitalized and every teacher uses technology in the classroom. This made students expert in that technological area which will be really useful to them in their professional life. So if you ask whether the technology has helped or harmed education we must accept that technology has brought so many good things in the field of education and there are certain negative aspects which we must try to ignore or make them good.


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