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How to discover the best and most Extravagant things to do in Qatar

Often overlooked from a tourist point of view, Qatar Airways booking has so much to offer. And together with the extravagances to which the United Arab Emirates have accustomed us, this fascinating country in the Near East amazes us with a truly immense artistic and cultural offer, concentrated above all in its capital, Doha.

Then read on to discover 9 of the best things to do in Qatar, between luxury, extravagance, art, good food and goose bumps nature:

1. National Museum of Qatar (NMoQ)

The National Museum of Qatar traces the history of the country, from prehistoric times to the present day, through 11 interconnected galleries showcasing archaeological artifacts, manuscripts, costumes and photographs. As often happens in Qatar, the amazement begins from the outside, admiring the building built in 2019 to house the museum. Even its architecture, in fact, tells us a story, drawing inspiration from the “desert roses”, crystal formations that characterize the geology of the area.

A visit inside is an experience that involves all the senses, with sounds, music and stories, films and aromas that will take you on an incredible journey into the country’s past. Finally, in the internal courtyard, the traditional market is held in winter, recalling the period in which the merchants unloaded their goods here.

2. Fai affari al Souq Waqif

An unmissable stop when visiting Doha, Souq Waqif is considered the place par excellence to experience the authentic atmosphere of Qatar. Built in the 20th century with a full Qatari-style architecture.

It is a typical Arab souq , a market that sells spices, souvenirs, traditional clothes and gold jewelry, among many other things. In addition, the souq frequently hosts festivals and events with live entertainment, parades, and temporary exhibitions, as if the activities weren’t enough.

3. The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)

The Doha Museum of Islamic Art houses a collection of Islamic art from three continents dating back over 1400 years, from the 7th century to the 20th century. It was constructed on an artificial peninsula on an isolated island. Metal objects, jewelry, ceramics, fabrics, and a wide variety of other extraordinary artifacts that tell centuries of history and culture are among the works on display.

However, in addition to the exhibit, the museum building itself is a real architectural attraction. The MIA is a stunning five-story building with a huge panoramic facade that looks out over the Persian Gulf. It has a modern design but clearly references traditional Islamic architecture.Visit this historical museum through Qatar Airways booking.

4. Desert Safari

It is impossible not to mention a desert safari among Qatar’s activities. An adventure in the desert dunes is an unforgettable experience that will give you the adrenaline rush you’ve been looking for, whether you go sandboarding, riding a majestic camel, on a monster bus, or in a 4×4 vehicle. The largest sand desert in the country is located southwest of Doha. Here, you can engage in a variety of activities and visit interesting traditional shops. Additionally, if you believe that a desert tour is a typical tourist trap, think again: Qataris spend the winter there in elaborate tent camps as a way to get back to basics and reconnect with nature.

5. Katara Cultural Village

Today, Katara Cultural Village is a district that brings together the best of the country’s art, food and culture. This amazing stop is the beautiful mosque by the architect Zeynep Fadilloglu, characterized by a facade with blue and gold, Turkish and Persian tiles.

Then, it’s time to pop into the classically styled amphitheater with a beautiful view of the sea. There are also many art galleries that can be visited in the district, including the Katara Art Center, dedicated to independent art.

6. Desert Falls Water & Adventure Park

This 57,000 m2 water park in southwestern Qatar has more than 50 water slides, pools, and attractions for you to splash around in. Aren’t lavish enough for you? Then, go to Doha’s Snow Dunes indoor park. It’s the perfect place to have fun in the snow because the temperature drops below zero here.

There are climbing walls, bumper cars, an ice skating rink, 50-meter-long snow slopes for skiing, and many other attractions. And all of this while it’s 30 degrees outside and the weather is cold.

7. Al Zubara Fort

About 105 kilometers from Doha in northwest Qatar is the impressive Al Zubara Fort. This 20th-century fortress is one of the most important historical sites in the country. In addition to the fortress, you will also find the ruins of the 17th century walled city: Al Zubara.

It was an important trading site and the scene of bitter struggles for regional dominance. This complex of typically Arab architecture consists of three round towers, one rectangular tower and one meter thick walls.

8. Villaggio Mall

The experience of traveling in this Arab emirate is completed by shopping at one of the country’s most fashionable malls. West of Doha, the Villaggio Mall is a luxury shopping center with more than 200 shops and an area of 183,000 square meters. From Adidas to Gucci, Lush to Louis Vuitton, there is a wide variety of signatures and brands to choose from. The complex itself is a draw in and of itself, in addition to the shops. In fact, the building’s interior is designed in the Italian style and has a 150-meter-long canal where you can ride a gondola. Did you get hungry from all the shopping? After that, find a spot in one of the numerous eateries and cafes. Enjoy all these wonders during your trip through Qatar airways booking.

9. Thakira Mangrove Forest

Al Thakira’s mangrove forest is a welcome change from Doha’s desert and skyscrapers. It is unquestionably one of Qatar’s best activities to visit. On the Persian Gulf, this forest is about an hour’s drive north of Doha. Fish swimming among the mangroves can be seen at high tide, while the tangle of exposed roots can be seen at low tide. Flamingos and herons also visit this unique wetland. When the tide is high, the best time to visit the forest is when you can rent a kayak and go boating around the area.

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