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Things to be Mindful of When Traveling with Pets on a Southwest Airlines Reservation

When you are traveling with the pet for the first time, it can be a very stressful and daunting task. Yes, it can be both for you as well as the furry companion. This is why most people suggest traveling with pet only when it is necessary. Of course, the animals would not mind their jet-set life and make for the best travel buddies. Before, you choose to go with your pet, it is essential to be sure that the pet is fit enough for travel. The second important thing is choosing the perfect airline that has excellent pet policies. Select the one that serves an entire route right till the end from the beginning. After you have found about the airline, you must be sure of the pet policies. Stay updated with the restrictions and whether they need to commute in the hold of the cargo. When you make a southwest airline reservation, you must be aware of the general information.

Traveling with Pets on a Southwest Airlines Reservation
Traveling with Pets on a Southwest Airlines Reservation

Pets accepted on first-cum first serve basis?

Have you made southwest airline flight reservations and traveling with your pet? Then you need to be aware of the fact the airlines permit domesticated and vaccinated dogs as well as cats for travel with you on the cabin under your seat. Hence, you do not have to part ways with them. All pets have to be carried in a suitable carrier. The acceptable pet carrier should be ten inches wide, almost ten inches high and about seventeen inches long. These carriers can be both hard-sided as well as soft-sided. They are well-ventilated and leak-proof.

A few rules that the airlines strictly adhere to

Pets are not permitted for traveling in-cabin on international flights or itineraries that are inclusive of international flights. Pets are accepted on a first-served and first-come basis until the capacity has reached. Whenever you have a southwest airline reservation, six pets are permitted per flight with a limit of a single pet/carrier paying the customer traveling on the same plane. However, from one to time to another, circumstances may permit fewer or more pet carriers for each scheduled flight. Pets have to be checked-in, and at the counter of airport ticket, customers still can secure the online boarding pass, at the ticket counters, airport kiosk, and curbside check-in.

Specific requirements according to region-wise travel

There is nothing to lose heart, but then airlines have strict policies concerning the behavior of animals. When you have southwest airline flight reservations, it must be kept in mind that whenever a pet engages in any disruptive behavior. The behavior traits include lunging, biting, growling, barking, excessive whining, and scratching. For passengers traveling to Hawaii and Puerto Rico, specific requirements apply. You must learn about the regulations and rules that pertain to traveling in Hawaii. Such sudden mood swings by your pet can be controlled by a healthy diet or food options like raw food for dogs or cats can be used to keep their nerves calm while traveling.

Pricing related to pet fare can change

The pets that are traveling on a southwest airline reservation are subject to a fare of ninety-five dollars each way/pet carrier. These fares for pets are refundable if you cancel bookings and the pet cannot travel if you make cancellations. Also, if you choose to not re-book again, the money spent will be refunded. You have to visit the ticket counter of the airport for processing the refund. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that pricing related to pet fare can change at any given point. You have to make the reservations beforehand by calling the toll-free number. On the travel day, you have to bring along your pets in a pet carrier that has been approved as per the airline laws.

Carriers to be small enough

When you have made southwest airline flight reservations, you have to ensure that the carrier measurements conform to what the airline demands. They need to have proper ventilation and also should be leak-proof. Another thing to keep in mind is that the carrier has to be small enough so that it can easily fit under your seat. The carrier will be placed at the front and has to be stowed as per the FAA (Federal Administration of Aviation) regulations.

Secure pet at all times after entering the terminal

As you may know if you have a southwest airline reservation, one carrier of a pet can accompany one ticketed passenger. Carrier may have two dogs or cats, but they must belong to the same species. Dog or cat may be inside the carrier, and they should be able to move as well as a stand while within the airline. That means nothing should cause any means of movement hindrance to your career. After you make an entry into the area of the fare, you must secure your beloved pets every time. During the deplaning/boarding, they have to stay inside the carrier for the flight’s entire duration. When you fail to follow this requirement, it can result in transportation denial of the pets onboard.

Restrictions associated with a pet travel

With southwest airline reservations, you can be assured that your pets cannot travel without you. Moreover, for the safety of pets, they cannot commute with minor who is not being accompanied by many. Customers tripping with pets may occupy the seat or exit row with no under-seat forward stowage. In no way, does the airline permit pets as checked-in baggage.

The legal age to carry pets on the flight

Dogs and cats have to be at least eight weeks old so that they can undergo travels with you. If you want, pets can share carriers with a trained animal of service and also emotional support.



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