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How to buy Bitcoin Cash In India : 5 Platforms where you can buy BCH in INR

Bitcoin Cash is refined and an upgraded version of Bitcoin Core Software. It was born on 1st August 2017. There was a necessity of Bitcoin Software which should cut all the problems and troubles regarding Bitcoin, as issues in Bitcoin Core Software got increased significantly. Be it the complaints of crashing or slow transaction process. To compensate for this need and for putting a respite to the growing complications of Bitcoin Core Software, Bitcoin Cash was launched. The original properties of digital money exist in Bitcoin Cash as well. After successfully attracting substantial users in the world, Bitcoin Cash has now gathered the myriad number of buyers in India. Here are three most useful platforms where one can purchase Bitcoin Cash in India.

How to buy Bitcoin Cash In India
How to buy Bitcoin Cash In India

There are two most popular platform in India where you can BCH Bitcoin Cash in Inr.

Zebpay and Koinex

1)    Coinswitch.co

Coinswitch.co is very popular among Indian traders using Bitcoin as their cryptocurrency. It offers buying of Bitcoin Cash in INR as well. It is the tool where one can get Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency converted into Bitcoin Cash. The Bitcoin Cash is sent in the Bitcoin Cash wallet when you use this platform. Along with its simple features, it offers an impressive security. People hugely rely on the security services offered by Coinswitch. This platform actually exchanges the Bitcoins for Bitcoin Cash. 

2)    Coinome:-

Coinome is a simple platform which offers the facility to receive Bitcoin Cash.  It is also one of the safest platforms where users can go for buying of Bitcoin Cash.The fees charged in Coinome is according to per-trade basis and it is calculated in the percentage of the currency which is received. However, the representation is always in INR. Some people find the charges of Coinome less expensive than the others, but the pacing of transactions and the user-friendly features make this platform a leading one in the Bitcoin Cash buying arena. 

3)    Coindelta:-

For buyers of Bitcoin Cash, Coindelta charges flat 0.3% and for sellers, it charges nothing. Within very few platforms which offer buying Bitcoin Cash in India, Coindelta is inclusive on the list. Along with purchasing of Bitcoin Cash in INR, it also supports trading of Bitcoin and Etherum which is quite famous among the traders. Lately, many people are choosing Coindelta for Bitcoin and Etherum trade because the traffic here for Bitcoin and Etherum trading has gained very positive responses in terms of speed of transactions.



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