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10 Factors that Affect Earphone’s Longevity

Everything lives by the cycle of existence. In this universe, each and every object has its own lifespan. Generally, the entity is first created; then its propagation starts and finally it is destroyed. This whole process gives meaning to the entity’s existence and the same contributes to the progress of the greater good. This is life and the law of nature. Whether a living being or an inanimate object, everything must abide by it. Anyways, the fact of the matter is that everything has its own lifespan which includes formation, service, and expiration. The same is applicable to earphones. We very commonly use gadgets like earphones and headphones. This piece of entertainment & utility product has a number of varying designs, compositions, and pricing.

10 Factors that Affect Earphone Longevity
10 Factors that Affect Earphone Longevity

The longevity of the product very much depends on these factors. Still, the earphones, these days, are quite fragile. This is not because of the quality of the product but the rash usage the same is subjected to. The common problem with earphones and headphones, especially, the wired ones is that being light and sophisticated; they get easily worn out from rough treatment. However, this is a curable symptom. By following some finely tuned practices we can easily prolong the longevity of the earphones surpassing the warranty period and extended use time. This tuned practice mainly features the physical and technical what-not-to-dos about earphone. The ensuing pointer is the best way to avoid damaging the earphones and lengthening their serving tenure.

  1. Pulling the cord to unplug the earphone is a common practice. This is wrong and can damage the cable which is after the main part of an earphone. Stop this. Just pull the broad end plug. Furthermore, consciously use steady force to uncork the earphone jack. Do not use sudden brute force because this can snap the cable and damage the port.
  2. It is best to leave the earphones on the table tops and on the desks. The most certain way to damage an earphone is to leave it on the floor or on a chair.
  3. We often keep our earphones jacked into the smart devices even when not using. This is hazardous. In some unmindful moments, a simple snag can damage both the cable and the gadget.
  4. Entangling the earphone is the surest way to degrade the sound quality. So while not in use wrap up the earphone and bundle it up with a band or a clipper.
  5. If you keep the ear heads of the earphone dangle from high places it puts stress on the cord which then becomes liable to snap.
  6. Do not wet the earphone with water or liquid substances. Liquid seeps in through the sound pores. This can damage the circuitry of the gadget.
  7. Rolling over and putting pressure on the earphones can damage it. So it is better not to sleep while wearing earphones. This is bad for health too.
  8. Do not plug in the earphone jack into a smart device without pausing the play. This damages the sound tech and also causes abrasion to the magnetic rings on the earphone jack.
  9. High bass, high volume, and high ohm plugging, irrevocably damage the audio system and sound balance. You must keep within limits for the safekeeping of the earphones.
  10. While on the move always keep the earphones in a carry case. Just squeezing it into a bag is a damaging attitude.


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