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How To Buy Dash In India: Two Platforms Of Buying Dash In INR

It appears like cryptocurrency Dash is going to have a bright future. If we throw light at the increasing preferences of other cryptocurrencies rather than Bitcoin, Dash is promising a good future in this arena. In India, there are few platforms that are offering to buy Dash in INR. Reportedly, some of them are illegal and are consisting high risks. In such a scenario, the user does not know which platform is true and free from cheat and fraud. To make the brainstorming for correct platform easy for Indian people, here we come up with two most popular and secure ways by which a user can buy Dash in INR. Simple steps to Buy Dash in India. Just follow these steps.

How To Buy Dash In India
How To Buy Dash In India

1)    Using BuyUCoin:-

It is India’s first multi cryptocurrency exchange platform which readily offers the ease to get Dash in INR. There are simple steps that need to be followed in order to buy Dash in Buy U Coin.

  • a)    First of all, a user needs to register his/her account at BuyUCoin.
  • b)    After that, money is needed to be added to the BuyUCoin wallet.
  • c)    Just after completing this step, the user has to click the buy option which is present in the top menu of the BuyUCoin account.
  • d)    Then, select Dash cryptocurrency from the Buy page (which gets open after you selected the buy option).
  • e)    Enter the amount of INR that you want to buy Dash for.
  • f)    Click on the ‘Buy Now’ after selecting your amount.
  • g)    After few seconds of processing, Dash will be received in your BuyUCoin wallet.

2)    Buy Etherum on Indian Exchange and get it converted to Dash:-

This is not a direct option to get Dash in INR but is safe. Here are the steps to get your Ether converted into Dash.

  • a)    In India, Ether can be bought using many platforms. The easiest ones are Kionix and etherindia. Set up an account on any of these platforms and buy Ether cryptocurrency.
  • b)    Once you posses Ether in your selected wallet, set up your Binace account and move your Ether tokens in your Binace account.(it is essential to have account on Binace if you are following the aforementioned method to buy Dash)
  • c)    Binace provides live buy/sell where users get a facility to Buy trades. With the help of this, the user can execute a trade for buying Dash using Ether token.

In this way, one can buy Dash by exchanging Ether. Bitcoin can also be used in place of Ether but as Bitcoin’s processing time is more time-consuming than Ether, Ether is recommended for this purpose.

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