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How To Buy Ethereum In India : 4 Exchanges Where You Can Buy ETH in India

Etherum is one of the fastest-growing currency in the world. Many Indians are opting to trade using Ethereum as it is providing many benefits. After Bitcoin, Etherum has taken second place in the global platform for being the most chosen cryptocurrency. As it is still making its strongholds in India, Indians are not sure which platform to use for buying Etherum using INR. Also, users end up buying Etherum from platforms of foreign trade which charge high fees leaving a dent in their pockets. There are several sites and platforms which are providing service for buying Etherum in INR. Four most user-friendly and Indian platforms for Ether are discussed in this article. Also, these sites are of Indian origin, therefore they have minimum risk and they keep the trust of users intact in comparison to foreign platforms for the same.

1) Ethexindia   

This is an online platform that allows service to buy Etherum in INR. It is based on an efficient wallet system which is based on ETH. It gives real-time trading experience with its wallet system. The deposits which Indian users make using Ethexindia is kept in individual bank accounts using systematic and easy to use wallets which ensure high security. The registration on this site does not cost any money and after the user creates an account here, he/she can freely trade (buy and sell) here.

2) Kionex

This Mumbai based cryptocurrency exchange is another platform where users can easily get Etherum using INR. By simply making an account on Kionex, users can earn Etherum in exchange for INR. This platform has kept its services very simple and so is widely used.

4) BuyUCoin

BuyUCoin is another very popular platform where people can comfortably posses Etherum using INR. After signing up the page, filling the form and getting confirmation through the user’s e-mail id, users can easily create an account at BuyUcoin and buy Etherum.

4) Coindelta

Coindelta also offers buying/selling trade of Etherum. This platform has some unique features like very low trading fees, support and chats options for 24 hours, many payment options like NEFT/IMPS/RTGS and Payment Gateway for INR are available, can take up to 500 orders per second which have attracted users. Looking at its high performance, it is convenient to buy Etherum using Coindelta.



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