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How To Buy Iota in India: 4 Steps to buy IOTA in India

IOTA is very popular cryptocurrency at present. It is offering an edge over other cryptocurrencies in some ways few of which include-it is scalable, it is decentralized and it is modular. IOTA is not very easily available in India and so the trading of IOTA is limited when we talk about Indian scenario. Here is a guide in this article following which you can buy IOTA in India.

How To Buy Iota in India
How To Buy Iota in India

Since IOTA is not directly available in India, one has to get it exchanged using another currency.

Step1)  Posses some Bitcoin or Ethereum:-

 Once anyone get these two aforementioned cryptocurrencies stored in your local wallet, you can go for platforms which offer to get them exchanged for IOTA. Btcoins can be exchanged for IOTA using  Unocoin and Zebpay and for Ethereum exchange for IOTA you can opt for Kionex or ethexindia.

Step2) Make an account on the international platform which facilitates the exchange of cryptocurrencies. (for example Binance)Doing this will help you to get your Ethereum or Bitcoin interchange for IOTA.

Step3) Transfer your currency to Binace account:-

After you have successfully made your account on an international exchange (here we have chosen Binace), transfer your Bitcoin/Ethereum to it. This will be added to the wallet of whichever platform you have used for converting your cryptocurrency to IOTA.

Step4) Finally, you are ready to purchase IOTA from Binace in the exchange for your chosen currency. Just fill in the simple entries which the platform will ask and IOTA will be received in your Binace wallet.



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