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Ten Tips How to Choose the Right University

Now that you’ve graduated from high school, it’s time to think about the best what course you want to pursue in college. Note that the university you choose is as important as the course of choice. This is because universities are built differently. You need an institution that will ensure you get the best from the course you choose.

Since there are so many prestigious universities, settling on one can be a challenge. But remember being spoilt for choice is not a negative thing, it means that regardless of where you land, you’re bound to have a holistic learning experience.

Ten Tips How to Choose the Right University
Ten Tips How to Choose the Right University

If you’ve not graduated from high school yet, it’s a good thing that you’re already thinking ahead. Ensure you get writing help from high school paper writing experts so that you graduate with excellent grades.

Here are ten tips that’ll help you choose a university that’s the right fit for you.

1.     The University should give you an Entrepreneurial Viewpoint

Whether you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit or not, you need an institution that’ll give you an entrepreneurial viewpoint. To survive after university, you need to be street smart; which roughly translates to being able to sell people anything. It could be a product, a service or even an idea. The job market today is quite competitive and you need skills that’ll help you turn the lemons that life hands you into lemonade.

Plans don’t always work out as you anticipate, which means you have to be ready with a plan B. Universities that give their students an entrepreneurial viewpoint give them a safety net that’ll last them the rest of their lives.

2.     The University should Offer Inter-disciplinary Programmes

Every student should graduate from university as a well-rounded student. Inter-disciplinary programmes ensure you don’t focus on academic excellence alone. Aside from being book smart, you should also be in a position to effectively communicate with anyone. The institution you choose should ensure you graduate with essential life skills.

3.     You should be able to Enhance your Cultural Learning

Since you’re not bound by national or continental boundaries, consider going to study abroad. Choosing a prestigious university away from home gives you the opportunity to interact with students from different cultural backgrounds. This experience allows you to look at life from a whole new perspective. You get to appreciate other people’s cultures and share yours as well.

4.      Go to Institutions that will give you Internship and Leadership opportunities

As aforementioned, the university is not all about academic excellence alone. You also need to hone your leadership skills. If you want to secure high positions in the industry, you should use every summer break to go for internships. Choose a university that helps its students find internship opportunities in well-reputed organizations. Working closely with industry experts gives you the experience and exposure you need to secure a job when you graduate.

5.     Consider Universities that have Partnered with Volunteering Programmes

If you love to give back to the world, volunteering is a good place to start. Enrolling to a university that has partnered with volunteering programmes gives you the head start you need. You get to travel abroad and positively impact the less fortunate communities. Ensure your heart is in the right place before you sign up for these programmes.

6.     The University should be Big on Mental Health

Mental health is becoming a global epidemic because not many people want to openly say they’re mentally ill. For this reason, a significant percentage of the American population is suffering in silence. As a young adult, with or without a mental condition, you need a university that’s big on mental health.

If there’s one thing you cannot escape in college, it is stress. You need a school with a functional counseling department. There is a very thin line between stress and depression, and only a professional counselor can ensure you don’t cross it.

7.     You should be in a position to take part in extracurricular activities

The fact that there is more to university than academic excellence cannot be stressed enough. Go for an institution that allows you to take part in different extracurricular activities. Such activities not only help you discover your talent, but they also help you unwind after a long day of lectures and assignments. These activities also provide the perfect environment to interact with fellow students.

8.     Take Location into Consideration

You’re going to call your university of choice home for the next four or more years. This means that it has to be in a location you’re comfortable with. Remember that you don’t have to study abroad to have a holistic college experience. If you’d rather be closer to home, there’s no harm in going for a university that’s close to home. Just make sure that the institution meets all your standards.

9.     Ask Around

You’re obviously not the first person to go to university. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Also, read online reviews to see what students are saying about different universities.

10. Take a Taster Course

You cannot know if a dress fits unless you try it out. This same principle applies to so many aspects of life. Take a taster course to find out if the University of your choice is a perfect fit.


These ten tips will ensure you choose the right university. Take your time because you’ll be calling the University of your Choice home for four or so years.



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