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Most Common SEO Blunders to avoid While Rebuilding your Site

May it be a start-up or a big company, digital marketing is something that is attracting every business with its innovative and mesmerising features. Search Engine Optimization is the critical aspect in digital marketing and it is it is a great way to increase the quality of your website by making it user-friendly and easier to navigate.

A recent survey says that most of the search engine users click on the top 5 suggestions in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS). Every day millions of users use search engines to acquire the desired results. To take the most advantage of this, you should avoid making common SEO mistakes. Technical issues in the SEO can crop of the customers form visiting your site. Below mentioned are 5 of the common mistakes made while rebuilding the website.

•   Not Maintaining your ranking in SERP

Most common mistake people do is that they believe that the pages that are ranked well cannot lose its position. But the fact is that every now and then Google updates it’s an algorithm and crawls the pages. So, if it finds any content that is better than yours then surely your page will be replaced by it.

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•    Not Setting up canonical tags on multiple URLs

The purpose of the canonical tag is to prevent the issues generated by duplicate content. One page can generate different URLs through syndicating, backlinking or URL path.   For the search engines to identify the master page, it is always good to add the preferred URL.

•    Forgetting to unblock the search engines after website re-design

Check for a robot.txt file that you disabled for re-building your website. Robot.txt file is the instruction given for the bots on how to access a website.  If the robot.txt file is disabled search engine bots will not be able to crawl. Before going live double-check for this issue.

•    Not Updating the XML sitemap

XML sitemap is a critical part of any website. Any infidelity in the XML file will result in the non-matching table of content. Therefore, it is important to update the XML sitemap for every change you make to the URLs of the website.

•    Use of cloaking

cloaking is the process where the content that is presented to the user is different from the content that is presented to the search engine bots. There are more disadvantages to this technique than advantages as it leads to more bounce rates.

•   Use of Duplicate content

Google is smart enough to distinguish between the original and duplicate content. The new Google duplicated content detecting algorithm will be updated often as per the requirement. Make sure you check for plagiarism before adding any content to rebuild your website.

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