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Old-School SEO Tactics You Should Stop Practicing Now

Naveed Ganatra

The top ranking isn’t something that you get in a day or two. It takes time and legitimate SEO practices. But you need to stop practicing some outdated and Old-school SEO tactics as well.

Every SEO expert knows that top rankings requires the perfect researched strategy, on-page & off-page SEO factors, persuasive content, and search value. So ranking in top-10 isn’t that easy for sure.

Even though white hat SEO takes time to generate results. But does that mean you should get along with Black Hat SEO? Not at all. Since SEO is continually evolving, some of the SEO techniques that were once legitimate are nowadays strictly forbidden. And might even get your site penalized if practiced heavily.

Old-School SEO Tactics You Should Stop Practicing Now
Old-School SEO Tactics You Should Stop Practicing Now

Since the SEO is different now, it’s high time for you to move on. So if there’s anything you’re still doing in an old-school way, stop it right there. And here’re a few outdated SEO techniques that you may be unknowingly practicing. So let’s dive in;

Overt Keyword Targeting:-

Thanks to the Google’s Artificial Intelligence – the self-aware system to determine the user’s search intent. Gone are the days when it’s was quite in practice to pump up the content with full of raw keywords along with their variations to rank higher. Nowadays, Google uses click signals to reward websites that rank over time.

If you explicitly force the keywords, your website will be considered illegitimate and untrusted. So beware, or you’ll get your site penalized. Ironically, the latest SEO practices suggest you focus less on raw keyword and more on drawing clicks.

Article Marketing / Article Spinning:-

It used to be one of the most popular off-site SEO techniques in which, you could submit articles to different Article Directories in exchange for links back to your website. At that time, it was really easy to scale up to an industrial level by merely using automatic article spinning software. But the content produced was of either little or no editorial quality. Therefore, these links were considered toxic as Google got smarter.

Solutions: Enter the Guest Blogging. This way, the content is created for a blog that is carefully curated and highly cared for. It has the engaged audience as well as an editor who works with you to make the content useful for the audience.

Spam Directories:-

Did you see that gig on FIVERR offering 5000 Directories for $5 only? Honestly, if it was useful and effective to SEO, it wouldn’t have been sold for $5. You’re getting these links from tons of low quality and spam websites. Google is smart enough to know that what these so-called SEO champs are up to. So beware.

Solution: Rather than sticking around with spam directories, consider getting along with the high-quality directories like business.com and DMOZ etc. The local business listing like Yelp or other alike sites are also a great option if you’re a local business.

There may be the cost associated with some of these, but this is going to be lucrative in the long run. And whenever you consider availing the best Dubai SEO Services, think long term.


Do you want to learn more about the outdated SEO techniques that you should stop practicing right away? Just check out the article now



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