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Learn How to Buy Dogecoin on Coinbase Step by Step

Dogecoin has been the rising star of the world of cryptocurrency in the last few days of 2021. This year, dogecoin has become part of the mainstream and has started counting in the world’s famous cryptocurrency trading platforms. At coin base, dogecoin has explored numerous new investors and has experienced an over 25% rise in its price. The price of dogecoin has fluctuated over time, from a deep downfall at the beginning to a massive high time in the middle of 2021.

If you are new to Coinbase or used to Coinbase, you must wonder how to buy dogecoin on Coinbase. So read the complete article to find how!

Benefits of choosing Coinbase

Due to its convenient interface and high-level flexibility, Coinbase is one of the most relevant trading platforms for cryptocurrencies in the United States. To beginners who are just planning to start investing in cryptocurrency, Coinbase is suitable because it makes buying crypto extremely easy and simple to understand. It is completely secure and safe to be run across the continental US because the exchanges done on Coinbase are entirely licensed. The users of Coinbase have faith in it, and thus Coinbase has become a trusted platform in April of 2021.

What to do to buy dogecoin on Coinbase?

Once you create an account and start trading on dogecoin, you will be so happy and satisfied with the outcomes for sure. To start trading on Coinbase, you have to follow the below steps to buy dogecoin on Coinbase.

  • Open an account – You can use Coinbase as a web app or mobile app. Open the signup page and fill up your login data. Get your e-mail address verified and add your phone number for two-factor authentication. Now you will find the Coinbase dashboard, where you will find several links and options.
  • Get your account verified – Before starting trading, you need to fill a questionnaire of basic questions to know your way and intention of using the platform. Submit your ID and get approved to start funding.
  • Start funding your account – Different countries may support different options for funding such as PayPal, debit card, wire transfers, bank account, etc. So explore likewise and choose your preferred funding option.
  • Getting dogecoin – You can either directly buy dogecoin or convert it from any other cryptocurrency. After funding your account, click the trade panel and then select DOGE. Please enter the amount of money you are willing to invest, and a calculation of its DOGE amount will display on the screen. After this, submit your order. If you want to convert it from another cryptocurrency, click on the ‘convert’ option in the order box. lastly, enter the amount and get it converted.


Experts say that while you trade, you should invest the amount of money you can afford to lose. So keeping this in mind, you can invest in dogecoin in small amounts. This platform allows you access to lower fees and highly advanced technology. Also, when you work on trading platforms, never forget to explore them because the more you explore, the more you’ll get knowledge. So at last, invest, trade smartly!

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