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Some Amazing Benefits of Poetry and Rhymes in Children’s Literacy Development

Poetry is appreciated by many people as itis very thought to provoke and can describe a serious issue only in a few lines. Poets are considered people out of this world because they have such talent which nobody else can compete. Why? Because they play with words and compel the readers to fly in their imaginations just like they were when they were creating that piece. They sing social issues, religious ideas, and many other things.

Have you ever think that poetry can also be very useful for a child’s literacy development. Yes, it is not meant only for philosophical purposes, but it also plays an important role in developing your children’s brains and abilities as shown by the researches. Experts Assignment Writing Service have discovered that children who learn more poems by heart till the age of three or four are very good readers, and can be turned into brilliant writers as well. Poetry motivates children to think, and express their feelings.

Poetry and rhyming help a child to develop and polish their language, cognitive skills, physical skills, and emotions. Their phonemic awareness, vocabulary and fluency also develop.

This article will discuss a few more benefits of poetry and rhyme in detail that will clarify how important it is todevelop a child’s literacy.

Benefits of poetry and children rhyme for developing children’s literacy:

  1. Joy in learning

Poetry makes learning fun and joy for children as most of the poetry books contain attractive pictures as well. They can learn by heart some apparently dull but meaningful stories through poetry as they are presented in a singing style. Children can perform these stories as well, because they think them as songs and enjoys them rather than getting bored.

  • Improves children’s memory

Poetry helps in developing and improving a child’s memorising skills. Poems have a repetitive nature, so a child can be learned by heart easily. He also learns the phonetic patterns, and word families. These skills are very helpful and beneficial for his future learning like solving math problems, memorising long and difficult science topics or learningnew languages etc.

  • Develops children empathy

How can a child learn empathy from a poem? Because poetry has a room for personal interpretation, a child can not only interpret the lines according to their mind but can relate a specific poem to some specific situation or people. Things that a child sees and observes are sometimes amazing and can make even elders think from a different perspective. Children can understand themselves as well as others very well through poetry.

  • Healthy way to express their feelings

Poetry also enables a child to express their own feelings and thoughts. Research has shown that children also love to play with words, and once they know what rhymes are, many of them start making their own short lines to narrate a story. This way poetry becomes a healthy way for a child to express their feelings in emotionally tough and challenging situations.

  • Build love for reading and writing:

Poetry is very important to develop a child’s reading and writing skills. When children are exposed to rhymes at a near stage, they start memorizing them unconsciously. Later they enjoy reading short poetry as soon as they learn reading. And this reading habits lead them to develop their writing skills as well. Because the short verses of poetry, a combination of few words encourage a child to write by themselves. Writing of the poetry skill can later be transferred into writing in other ways and styles.

  • Encourage critical thinking:

Poetry can make your child a critical thinker as it enables him to write about anything he wants to. He can write about such topics that bother him, and can express his feelings and thought sopenly in a few beautiful words. He will start observing his surroundings with a keen eye because he knows how to express his feelings when he learns to putthem into words.

There are many other benefits of poetry that can be added. I have discussed only a few of them only to start the debate. Poetry is not only a way of children’s literacy development, but it also enables you to share some quality time with your kids and strengthen your relationship with them. Children also understand different cultures, beliefs and social issues. They can learn how to differentiate between right and wrong, truth and myth etc. They also learn about variations of beliefs, opinions, and various perspectives of the world we are living in.

Author Bio:

Ellie Singh is the author of this article. She has a Master degree in English Literature and is currently working as a Primary School Teacher in a local school.



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