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Website loading speed importance to SEO

In the current era, when everybody is likely to search for information online, your website must load quickly. While you consider the loading speed important, Google has included the overall speed as a ranking factor. Moreover, the site’s load speed matters most when you want to deliver an incredible visitors’ experience. So, with this in mind, let’s check out why website loading speed is essential for SEO.

How does web page speed affect SEO?

When someone comes across your website within the search engine results, they are bound to click the link. In those instances, the website must load in a few seconds. However, if that is not the case, the speed will affect the ranking in some way or the other. Individuals will not bother to be patient till the time the website loads. In the end, they will not care to go through the site, which will increase the bounce rate considerably. The visitor will later consider another website once they close the tab within 3 seconds. This occurrence implies that the visitor had an awful experience while they viewed the website. Further ahead, Google will not consider such a site and rank it among the top search engine results. Ultimately, your company will be left behind in the competitive world when the website is not visible even after typing relevant keywords. 

Now, if you want an answer to the question, ‘How quickly should my website load?’, it depends on many things. On an average, the loading time for web pages must be around 1.65 seconds. You will also observe a significant increase in the loading speed if the website is secure. Apart from enhancing security, an SSL certificate will improve SEO and improve trust. But, no matter what you do to increase the web page speed, the web pages have to load in a couple of seconds on cell phones. As the world paces ahead, people are likely to switch to another site if the website doesn’t load in a few seconds. They can’t afford to wait for the site to load when they are busy all the time. 

Now, if the site loads within 3 seconds, the bounce can increase to 32%. On the other hand, if the site takes time (around 10 seconds) to load, the bounce rate is likely to cross 100%. But, to decrease the loading time, you can reduce the size of every web page to 500 KB. 

If you’re managing an online store, a slow website can impact the online shopping experience. According to Google, 50% of customers are likely to abandon the shopping cart when the site doesn’t load within a few seconds. This fact will create a bad impression in the minds of customers and will decrease the chances of repeat purchases. But, fortunately, there’s always a solution to boost the loading time. 

Tips to enhance website loading speed

  • When you wish to enhance the website’s loading speed, you can do it through data obtained from Google Page Speed Insights.
  • To increase the website speed to a certain extent, you can contact an expert who can help you minimize server time.
  • Once you start updating the website, you must also minimize redirects as people go through the site on their cell phones.
  • Apart from everything else, you should insist that the web developer create Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Such pages always load relatively faster than usual HTML pages.
  • A bit later, you can think about revamping the entire website with less information posted online. But, to present the content beautifully, you can think about different images and infographics.

Finally, when you want your website to gain online visibility, you can delegate the task to an SEO expert. While the SEO specialist will work hard to increase the website’s rank, he will also enhance the overall online experience. Moreover, you don’t have to bother about anything as the expert will optimize the site as per the current SEO trends.

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