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The 4 Unique Work-From-Home Career Choices You May Not Have Considered Yet

Have you been dreaming about switching to a fully remote career, but felt unsure about which types of jobs to pursue? If you’re interested in quitting the daily commute and working from home permanently, you may be curious about the types of jobs and careers that lend themselves well to remote work. The good news is, there may be possibilities out there for remote careers that fit just about every skill set, background and type of experience. If you’re set on finding a new job but aren’t sure where to start searching for opportunities, check out these four unique work-from-home career choices you may not have thought about yet.

  1. Writing, Editing and Proofreading

Do you have a passion for the written word? If so, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn that it’s possible to make a comfortable living working from home as a writer, editor or proofreader. Professionals with strong linguistic skills are in consistently high demand across many industries, so you could use this opportunity as a way to broaden your knowledge and expertise in the field of your choosing. You can offer one or multiple services on a freelance basis, or you can look for a remote, full-time position with a publication. Some great work-from-home options in this niche include:

  • Weekly or monthly blog writing
  • Fact-checking, document formatting or text proofreading
  •  Content editing and text layout design
  1. Video Game Designing and Testing

If you know everything there is to know about video games, you might be excited to learn that one remote job possibility worth exploring is video game designing and testing. Although your job will consist of more than playing games all day, working as a video game designer or tester allows you the opportunity to help create and improve the games you love while working from the comfort of home. Some designer and tester positions require prior experience, so be sure to read the requirements listed in each job posting carefully.

  1. Business Translation and Localization

If you happen to be fluent in one or more foreign languages, the international business market could be the perfect home for you. When you work in business translation and localization, you don’t have to rack up frequent-flyer miles to interact with international languages and cultures every day. Many transnational corporations, or smaller companies that wish to expand into foreign markets, need qualified translators on their team. In many cases, you may be able to negotiate for a remote translation role. As a linguistic professional in the business world, you could:

  • Adapt products and services for local markets around the world
  • Provide linguistic and cultural insight to your corporate headquarters
  • Ensure corporate websites are attractive to global markets
  •  Ensure translations are accurate, complete and true to the intended meaning
  1. Health Support and Supervision Services

Lastly, if you already have some experience in the healthcare field, you may be interested in the wide range of health support and supervision service jobs that can be performed remotely. Although you may think of healthcare jobs as requiring in-person work, many support-based roles can now be done from home. You may be able to get one of those remote roles if you are a:

  • Speech-language pathologist
  • School psychologist
  • Nursing navigator or general health administrator
  • Nutritional program assistant
  • Therapist or counselor

No matter what profession you’re in or what particular skill set you have, you may be able to find remote career opportunities if you take the time to explore all your options. If you’re intrigued by the possibility of working from home but aren’t sure where to start looking for remote jobs, you may want to consider applying for positions in these four unique fields.

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