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When Layering is the key to Styling!

Winters are here and we are all set to make the most of it by opting for cosy layers and jackets that will keep us warm and cosy during the winter chill. Winters are all about keeping yourself snug and all layered up with outfits that not only help you stay warm through the extreme chill but also makes you look fashionable. Winters do no mean you have to keep away you dresses and all things nice at the far end of your wardrobe. The key is to style and layer your outfits in such a manner that it makes you stay comfortable and yet make you look chic all at the same time. So to help you stay sorted through the winter wardrobe, here is a list of layering options that you can pick from this season!

Jackets: jackets for women are something that are an amazing option when it comes to layering your look right. Be it any season, layering with jackets just adds that extra personality to your look and makes it look a little more put together. There are a varied options when it comes to picking the right jacket. From embroidered to tribal jackets with cowry shell elements, from patched motifs to the ones minimalistic details. Style it over your formal wear, a floral dress, a basic culottes and tee look or for a Sunday morning brunch look to make the most of jacket looks.

Ponchos: ponchos are the second best option to pick from when it comes to layering your winter outfit right during winters. They are chic, stylish, keep you warm and snug and also helps to beat the cold. Pick the ones in brightest colours or the the ones with neutral hues so that you are able to style most of your winter outfits in style. Ponchos are always in trend, and hence you don’t have to worry about not staying in trend or looking out of fashion…

Shrugs: shrugs are one of the best picks you can have to layer yourself for the cooler weather. They are easy to carry off even during the summer season as they are an effortless way to layer up your outfit and make it look chic. An added layer always does the trick to make you look all styled up and at the same time helps you to stay warm and snug.

Accessorize: accessorising is the key when it comes to styling your outfit well. The best way to look put together is to strike a balance when it comes to jewellery. You can opt for either chunky bold earrings and a minimal necklace or vice versa to strike a balance. When it comes to footwear, a particular outfit can look have a different feel with heels and make it look classy while wearing it with sneakers can give your outfit a relaxed look. You can also complete your look with a bag to go with your outfit. As essential as it is, a bag can make or break your look.



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