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A Complete Cleaning Solution Provider Is What You Need

When it is the question of keeping your office clean, you need someone who can provide a complete cleaning solution. Your ordinary daily cleaner cannot do the job that a professional cleaner can do. Professional cleaning services providers like us have the expert staff and the necessary equipment to make the office totally clean. SB Cleaning Services offers a complete cleaning solution to your office.

Complete Cleaning Solution
Complete Cleaning Solution

Offices accumulate dust over a period of time. Your daily cleaners will not look into each nook and corner of the office. Moreover, they will be scared to disturb anything in the office and will leave those portions without cleaning. That is where we can help you.

Unimaginable Brilliant Data Center Cleaning

Data centers are critical spaces in an office. As you cannot allow your cleaners to clean the place regularly for fear of disturbing the area, the place accumulates dust which will affect the performance of your data center. Dust is also dangerous where there are electrical fixtures. Dust can cause a fire when it gets into electrical sockets. SB Cleaning services have the specialists to have your data center cleaned without any disturbance to your office work or the working of the data center. We have experts who can clean the wires and electrical fittings without disturbing them.

The Best Floor Cleaners for Every Kind of Floors

Wooden or parquet flooring is nice to look at. It adds class to your cabin. As the head of the office, your room should look different and a wooden floor is best to make it distinct. Over the years wooden floors lose their sheen and start looking faded and dull. Wood also gets scratched because of regular use. To make your wooden floor looking shiny and beautiful again, you need to strip the flooring, sand it and varnish it. This will make the floor look great again. SB Cleaning Services are experts in this kind of refinishing of wooden floors. We offer the best cleaning services in Singapore.

Experience the Best Carpet Cleaning In All Aspects

Carpets are very difficult to clean whether it is at home or at the office. Even regular vacuuming will not keep them fully clean. This is because the dust gets between the fibers and gets trapped there. Over time they become hardened stubborn dirt that is not easily removable. It needs a very systematic approach. The stubborn dirt has to be first loosened. We do this by using a low-foaming spray for this. The next step is to give the carpets a good scrubbing so that the spray goes deeper and loosens all the dirt.

For removing stains and spots we use only safe ammonia-free non-toxic chemicals which will not affect your carpets in any way. Whatever be the fabric of your carpet, we will use the chemicals accordingly so that there is no damage to your carpet. Once this is done, then we do the deep extraction process to remove all the dirt and dust. We use high-pressure water jets to clean the carpet. The loosened dirt along with the chemicals is completely cleaned. As soon as this is finished, a powerful vacuum cleaning is done so that all the remaining dirt and wetness is also pulled away. This helps in making the carpet dry very fast. Our carpet cleaning will leave your carpet fresh and clean. We can handle all types of carpets without causing any damage to them.

The Perfect Cleaning After Renovation

Offices undergo renovation when they need a change of look. It is not just the looks that change, there is a total change in the environment and working for the company once the renovation is done. It injects fresh energy into the employees of the company. It helps them to become more productive. But, renovation leaves behind one unwanted thing. That is dust and dirt. Once the renovation is done there will be dust all over the office. This makes working in the office unpleasant and unsafe. Dust can cause allergies to many people. Unless it is completely cleaned, it is not safe to use the office.

SB Cleaning Services can come and clean your office completely. We will ensure that there is no dust anywhere. Our cleaning will also take care of the paint spots and sand that will be present after the renovation. Just give us a call and we will clean the office well so that you can enjoy the experience of a new office.

It is difficult to get people to clean your office regularly. Unless this is done by professional cleaners, your office will never look the way it should be looking. Hand over your cleaning work to SB Cleaning Services the best professional cleaners in Singapore. We will be your part-time office cleaners and ensure that your office is neat and clean.



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