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12 Powerful IGTV Tips That Ensure IGTV Engagement

Instagram Tv, which is IGTV, is modern television for today’s youngsters. IGTV is like a short youtube of Instagram. IGTV allows users to construct channels separately for their needs in that you can publish video content. It can be shared with your followers and outside the platform. Using IGTV, you can maximize your reach and engagement for your Instagram account.

Though you can spot lots and lots of content flowing on all other social media. So, you have to give your best content to your IGTV. So that you can acquire a large number of engagements.

Reuse Your Live Videos 

Do you go for lives on Instagram? If yes, then don’t forget to save your live videos. You can reuse your live videos on IGTV. Publish your live videos; it’s an effective way to establish great reach to your particular content and your other content. It is one of the great ways to market your content.

Create Short Videos 

Creating long videos sometimes backfires because people don’t like to spend a long time watching the videos. Maybe they get bored, so always keep your video short. Remember, in that short period; you have to make your point clear. Creating a short video encourages the audience to watch your video entirely without moving to the next.

Spend Time In Selecting Your Thumbnail Picture 

On IGTV, you are allowed to keep the image as your cover picture. You can utilize editing tools to build your attractive cover photo. People ignore your video within a second, so people entering your video from there itself must get attracted by your impressive cover picture. Placing eye-catching images helps to drag the audience to visit your video without a break. It helps to grow your IGTV videos. 

Do Some Editing To Add Attraction

You can use editing tools to design your video, add funny filters, stickers, a voiceover to comment on your own video. Include soft background music, don’t forget to add subtitles, but at the same time, it does not affect other users. Make use of tools to create visuals for your content. These efforts will make you stand out from the crowd.

Change Your Background Spot

Don’t maintain the same background for all your videos. Depending on your content types, change the background. It helps provide a fresh feeling for your audience, and they will easily adapt to your new content. Practicing such things will encourage your audience to watch your video. You need to spend so much money on your background and use simple stuff according to your topic. In fact, people prefer to be real and natural.

Come Up With IGTV Series

On Youtube, you can use playlist features to upload videos depending on the topic. Like IGTV, you can create different playlists and publish those videos under a particular category. It’sIt’s easy for people to find your video effectively.

If you have an idea to create a web series on your IGTV, post regularly. So many people like to watch web series. Or you can go with any series, topics but frequently publish to catch people’s engagement on IGTV.

Plan Content According To Your Niche 

First, find out the details, demographics of your target audience insight. Try to know what their interest, preference, content to watch. Then plan content relying on that. Before creating content, you can ask for suggestions, opinions about your topics or ideas with your audience. You can also ask for feedback about your previous content. So, you can know your mistakes.

Promote Your IGTV Videos  

Once you upload your IGTV video on your Instagram page, you can utilize Instagram stories to promote your IGTV videos. You can add short clippings or pictures. You can even use other media for advertising your IGTV content like Facebook, Youtube so that you can bring more audience to your video. Besides using several methods for IGTV promotion, you can buy IGTV likes to boost user engagement and gain massive reach.

Include Hashtags 

Hashtags have the power to provide more exposure to your content outside the IGTV. However, picking the right hashtags is essential stuff. Before using the hashtags, analyze that popularity and check how famous among your target audience. Your hashtags must be relevant to your content, don’t use too many hashtags: select trending and catchy hashtags for your content.


Instagram is keeping on updating its feature; one of the beneficial features is IGTV. IGTV is so helpful for business accounts and for marketers to promote their brands or products in detail. At the same time, you can reach millions of people through videos. If you want to achieve on IGTV, you have to be consistent in posting videos frequently. And know your audience mindset. Try to meet their expectations, value their time. Build a strong relationship with them.

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