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Send Your Heartfelt Wishes Through Handwritten Seasons Greetings Cards

Gone are the days when you wished your loved ones “A Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” by word of mouth. While sending gifts like watches, a pair of shoes, or outfits may sound creative, and you can never underestimate the power of a handwritten card with the words “seasons greetings.” The latter not only reminds them of your love for them, but it also sets them in the holiday moods. Find out how to create the best seasons greetings cards.

Handwritten Seasons Greetings Cards
Handwritten Seasons Greetings Cards

Get an expert to customize the card and envelope for you

High-quality paper and envelopes do not have to be expensive. You can still get Mohawk paper and envelopes printed on kraft paper from Mixbook at a reasonable price. The team has the expertise to print, seal, and put a real stamp on it. They can also arrange to take it to the post office on your behalf. Now you can send a personal card without actually working on it yourself.

Download the app

If you have an iPhone or an iPad, you can download an app to customize the card for you. Once you have downloaded it, complete the signup process and include a valid credit card. That applies when you don’t want to re-enter your payment details each time you wish to send your seasons greetings cards.

Select your template

Mixbook has many templates with plenty of beautiful illustrations for your inspiration. Browse through the gallery to select the category you want. Usually, they have about a four inch square that is folded accordion style. Each panel is flexible enough to allow you to pull it apart. That way, you can create an artwork that you can use to frame or carry around in your pocket.

Add a personalized greeting

Once you have scrolled through the many themes, you can select a design of your choice. Add a personalized greeting in your handwriting at the back of the card. Do the same for the rest of the cards so that your recipients can receive the same message.

The best part about digital printing is that it is done in a way that your loved ones will not be able to tell the difference between handwritten pieces using an ink pen or through software. Also, it allows you to choose either a fine-tip calligraphy style pen or marker with a thicker tip. All you need is to tap a pen of your choice and voila! Your heartfelt handwritten notes will be as good as done. If you handwrite anything by mistake, an eraser tool will eliminate it instantly.

Use MixBook’s templates, paper, and envelopes to handwrite your heartfelt notes

Whether you are a newbie or are an expert card sender, handwriting your heartfelt notes can make a big difference. It does not matter whether you are tech-savvy or not. As long as you can follow these simple steps, you can customize your card like a pro. Start practicing now because the holidays are fast-approaching, and your loved ones are waiting.

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