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Top 12 best free alternative launchers on Android

Fed up of sailing always the same way? To always see the same icons? Change your style with the 5 best free alternative launchers for Android!

For those who want to change the interface on their Android, the Google Play Store is full of possibilities. After having tried more than 150 applications to modify the launcher, here are 12 selected by us to avoid searching for hours. It’s a safe bet that you will find your happiness in this list, otherwise.

Top 12 best free alternative launchers on Android
Top 12 best free alternative launchers on Android

EverythingMe Launcher

Smart Launcher, EverythingMe Launcher will replace the usual interface of your Android device and offer you a more personalized experience. Thanks to a predictive system, the app will display the ones you will soon need, depending on your habits, the place or the time of day. Folders automatically contain useful information such as.

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Yahoo Aviate Launcher

An alternative launcher to that of your Android device that will adapt to the time of day and change the interface accordingly. Applications, automatically categorized, will be arranged on the screen according to the time and place in which you are. Other useful features will make your daily life easier: displaying the number of hours of sleep when you wake up,

Go Launcher EX

Tired of always seeing the same theme displayed on your Androphone’s desk? Rest assured, there is a way to remedy this. Simply download the Go Launcher EX app to access a multitude of free themes for your expensive smartphone. The application offers the possibility to customize these. You have the freedom to organize your office as you wish.


Among the myriad of alternative launchers that populate the Google Play Store, Nova Launcher has been doing well for some time now. Simple and intuitive operation, advanced customization options, fluid … You can manage your dock, desks, create folders to group multiple applications or change the colors of the theme. Everything is there to personalize.


Apex Launcher gives users with Android 4.0 (or later) the ability to customize the different desktops of their favorite device. Extend the number of available desktops, increase the number of icons per page in your application launcher or implement shortcuts the possibilities of customization are many.

Download Apex launcher pro apk from us for free.


Are the icons and menus on your smartphone or tablet coming out of your eyes? Need to change the air and renew the interface of your Android device? The Theme app is definitely the solution for you. The latter gives you the opportunity to radically change the browsing experience. You will have the impression of rediscovering your dear.


Are you jealous of the smartphone software interface of the crunched apple? The APUS alternative launcher will give your Android smartphone an iOS look. Light, it will pull up the responsiveness of your Androphone. Like many applications in its category, the launcher gives you the ability to arrange your applications in alphabetical order or classify them by cat.


Buzz Launcher brings together a community of theme creators shared, rated and commented by users. A simple click and you download a “pack” that includes everything you need (icon, wallpaper, application proposals …). Attention: the change of look is quite radical and the French translation is for the moment awful.


Swapps saves your speed of navigation. This free application for Android devices gives you the option to add a side menu to the left or right of your screen. The latter will contain the applications that are most useful to you. You place the shortcuts to the apps you like. Thus, in a slip of the finger, you will be able to reach even faster.


A minimalist launcher that frees offices to offer a screen with a “ring” of basic applications (contacts, SMS, Internet, gallery …). A rather relevant automatic categorization system groups your applications by folders. The developer is listening to comments. Precision: The free version of Smart Launcher does not support widgets.


Do not confuse Blur, the launcher here presented, and Blur an application to turn your photos into wallpapers. Blur, the launcher gives you the ability, like the Google Now page on the Google Now Launcher, to assign a page or app as a favorite. You will access it by sliding your finger from left to right, on your home screen.


Vire Launcher is a launcher of alternative applications that unfortunately offers quite a few customization options (you have to pay them). On the other hand, the 3D look and the effects of transitions are totally exotic. What to give a second wind to your office tired of your old factory launcher.


Playing with new app launchers on Android is pretty fun but when it comes to modifying it or returning to the default launcher, it can get a little complicated. Keep reading to see how to switch between launchers and how to reset them.

Changing the default applications may be a little complicated. In fact, switching to the launcher could be quite confusing, so they added a new and more obvious way to do it on Android 4.4. Since you’ve already looked through your system menu and said nothing stands out, we’ll assume you’re running on an earlier version of Android. For readers with the following new Android versions from the beginning, let’s start with the new way to change the default launcher, and then we’ll go back.



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