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Top Business Stationery Picks To Reinvent Your Brand

As a business owner, brand manager, or anyone who looks forward to growing your business, you must be faced with unlimited challenges. Whether it’s plummeting sales or retreating customers, something tells you the way you are currently handling things isn’t right. But don’t worry, it isn’t your fault. You are yet to take your branding strategy up a notch, and business stationery is just the ideal solution to get started with.

Before you start visualizing those dreary notepads and boring pens, take a deep breath and think about the last time you visited a store. You were just passing by, and some products caught your eye, so you barged in anyway. The store owner handed out their business card which almost blew your mind. 

Another instance could be when some other business sent you a proposal – a dainty letterhead with the best choice of words one could ever use. And what happened next – was that you closed the deal. 

Both of these scenarios involved business stationery, which ought to be incorporated into your branding strategy for your imminent success. It isn’t just about pens, notepads, stickable notes and other things that seem indubitably unnecessary to you 

 Everything from your Business Cards to Envelopes is a reflection of your brand and may serve as the first impression of your company. These items are always in action and promote your brand in places and times you can never access. But this doesn’t mean a few scraps of paper and cardboard would do. Now that we’ve put the perfect opportunity for you to reinvent your brand, it’s time to think outside the box.

Your Branding Kit For A Long-Lasting Impression

Waiting for some inspiration in stationery for business? 


Here’s a list of staples you would love to take a look at. 

Business cards: your company’s calling card.

Presentation Folders: Improving Presentation Professionalism

Custom Envelopes: Perfect for your post to make a good first impression.

Personalized Letterheads: An organized placing of bills, letters, and quotations.

Compliment Slips: For a more personalized touch.

Bulk printing services & Labels: The finishing touch to your items or packaging.

Packaging Tapes: A preview of what’s inside the boxes 

Paper Bags & Pouches: To let your customers carry your brand wherever they go

Danglers: Catching the attention of visitors in your store

Hand-tags: Chic representation of your brand

Rubberstamps: Leaving a mark of your legacy

Bulk Booklet Printing: Letting potential investors/customers delve deeper into your forte

These options have different purposes. For example, hand-tags, paper bags and packaging tapes will be relevant for you if you sell a product. For services, letterheads, booklets and danglers would seem fit.

Choosing The Right Material

Before you choose papers randomly, examine what each paper type will do for each piece of print and what your choice will communicate to a potential consumer.

Are you going to write something about it? Is it on display? Do you intend to hand it over to customers? This is where prioritising quality over quantity comes into play.

Keep in mind that coated papers (such as silk, gloss, and pearl) will not work for goods such as letterheads since the ink will just smear off! A textured paper, such as Nettuno or Tinteresso Gesso, is a better option. Much thicker than standard stationery, they nearly ooze with grandeur and demonstrate that your company takes branding seriously.

You’ll be handing out a lot of business cards, so make a statement with paper that’s as nice to touch as it is to look at. Explore paper stocks like Ice gold for that 24-karat undertone, which takes on a warm, delicate sheen that will make your design brilliant and distinct. Rives Shetland is a nice and textured option. This durable white paper has a wonderfully dimpled texture, similar to the weave of a fine cloth.

It’s generally a good idea to choose a heavier paper stock for business cards. (Ideally between 200-340 GSM). They will not only feel high-end and durable to the touch, but they will also outlast regular wear and tear.

Foiled Cards

Bedazzle as you flabbergast your opponent with the brilliance of precious metals using foiled finish that will serve nothing but grace.

While foiling is ideal for adding glitz to a variety of prints, a simple metallic accent may greatly boost your stationery without being overbearing. It looks especially fantastic for typography or accentuating logos and graphics, and it gives your Business Stationery a more high-end vibe.

Ink it all in white

With the miracles of White Ink, you can become a business print big shot. There’s no better way to make your designs stand out, and with seven thick, highly coloured paper stocks to choose from, your stationery for business goes from plain to spectacular.

Always keep in mind to get a darker colour like red, black, green or navy blue for the personalized danglers, custom hang-tags or other stationery so that the white ink shows distinctively. A marketing study reveals that colour can increase brand recognition by up to 80%. This is where an eye-popping colour along with a contrasting background will prove useful.

Get Intriguing Cut-outs

It’s not always about what you add, but rather what you take away. You may get exactly what you need by shaping your print. This is highly useful for dangles, hand-tags, stickers and labels and other stationery items. Choose from any shape, size, pattern, or colour for your desired items.

Something as easy as cutting out a letter or logo on a custom Flyer or Business Card may add a new level of curiosity while also providing a razor-sharp finish to your print.

That’s All

From business cards to letterheads to stickers on packaging, the choice of your printing has a hold in either making or ruining your reputation. This in turn affects your sales and you have to start all over again. This is why picking business stationery consciously is more important than you think. With these ideas, you can slide in style and emboss your image in your customers’ minds.

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