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Top Tips for Getting a Promotion

Have you reached a point in your current role where you feel like there is nothing left to get out of it? Do you have dreams of moving up the career ladder, but for some reason that next step hasn’t happened yet? Getting promoted is a great opportunity, but it isn’t one that is simply going to be handed to you. You need to earn it and prove that you not only deserve it, but can handle the new responsibilities that will come with your more senior role. If you think you’re ready to get a promotion and want to make it happen, use the following tips to help you get closer to achieving this goal.

Education and Training

Another thing you need to consider when you are looking for a promotion is how qualified you are for the role that you’re interested in. Yes, your current work experience might be excellent, however, if the role requires a degree or specific qualifications that you don’t have, you will be at a disadvantage. Be prepared to go back to school to get the education that you need. You can try an online bachelor degree if this will be easier to fit around your work schedule. Remember to ask your management team if there is any further training you could take at work to help you get your promotion as well.

Be Punctual

It might seem like an odd point to make, but making sure that you’re punctual at work will put you in a much better position to get promoted. This is because management is not going to want to promote someone who they can’t rely on to show up on time for their shift, or someone who is always missing deadlines for their projects. Punctuality is a basic thing that is expected from all employees, and those who are consistently late will not only be disciplined, by they won’t be the first people in line for a promotion. If you are going to be late to work, make sure you’re calling in to let your boss know, apologize, and give them an ETA.

Be a Team Player

If you don’t help out your fellow colleagues and isolate yourself from the team, this isn’t going to put you in the best light. That doesn’t mean you have to attend every social event or act like best friends with everyone on the team, but making some effort to get to know your colleagues will help you be known, and it could help to make going into work more enjoyable. Volunteering to do extra work on certain projects, or helping others in your team if they are struggling and your work is finished – all of these things will put you in a good light and get you noticed by management. 


Networking can be awkward sometimes, especially if you’re an introvert. However, this process will help you make important connections that could lead to better opportunities within the company and beyond. Use these tips for networking to help you feel more confident during this process, and try to attend at least a few events a year so people know your face and name on the circuit.

If you’re ready to get a promotion but it hasn’t happened for you yet, use these tips to help you get noticed.

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