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7 Easy Steps to Earn Money from YouTube

If you too wish to make big money by posting your talent and video skills online then YouTube is the perfect place for you. YouTube offers you to pay money based on the watch time of the video and number of subscribers on your channel. Monetizing your channel via Google AdSense is a very nice way to earn money. Here; I’m going to tell you seven ways following which you can earn money from YouTube.

7 Easy Steps to Earn Money from YouTube

To post videos on YouTube, first you need to create a channel in the name of which all of your videos will be published. Creating a YouTube channel is an easy task. You can create a channel by following steps:

  1. Visit YouTube.com
  2. Sign-in using your Gmail Account.
  3. Under My Channels tab, click Create a new channel.
  4. A form will appear, fill up that using your details.

*Remember! Create a custom URL for you channel for easy reach by public.*

And your channel is created.

Find a niche for your YouTube Channel

At the very beginning of your YouTube Channel, you should decide what you want to sell to your audience. Post the same sort of videos and don’t end up in meeting the quality of content you post. Remember, quality always overpowers quantity. Posting low quality videos will get you regular audience but will not let you grow, so work upon your growth

Create strategy for your content

Not every video you post will get viral. You need to understand about what type of video is most liked by the people. Working day and night; just too blindly posting videos will not get you anywhere. Prepare a schedule for you as well as your audience. Stick to a video posting plan and inform your audience about the upcoming videos almost a week earlier in order to build curiosity.

Link your Google AdSense Account

Posting a video on YouTube will get you money only when you’ll monetize your channel. Monetize your channel by linking it to Google AdSense. You can link your account to Google AdSense by following these simple steps:

  1. Create a Google AdSense account.
  2. Sign in to your YouTube channel account.
  3. Under My Channel tab, click for Monetization.
  4. Enable Monetization by checking the box.
  5. Click on associate my Google AdSense account.
  6. Fill up the form.
  7. Click I accept the Terms and Conditions.

Your YouTube Channel is not eligible for money making.

Use Best Video Tools for your Videos

You can create a great video just by shooting the video but nowadays a great video on YouTube is much more than that; and you want to be excellent at it. Here, I’m naming some tools which you should consider using while posting your video on YouTube.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Evernote
  • Text to Speech app
  • Picture editing tool
  • Social media campaign
  • Tube Buddy
  • Analytics

Promote your Video

You want to get maximum possible views to your videos. Alone this task can prove a bit difficult. Try promoting your videos on social media accounts; also ask family members and friends to do the same. Promotion is an essential step and should be planned beforehand in order to get more and more views and subscribers to your channel.

Put advertisements on your video

Advertising on social media is very common these days. All you have to do is enable your video to put advertisements of organizations that are willing to pay for each view and click on the ad. Putting ad is an easy method to make money.



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