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List of some Best Freelancing Websites in India

Numbers of freelancing websites have risen in the last few years. If you are looking for another way to pay your bills or get more professional opportunities to broaden your skill set, freelancing websites can prove out to be extremely beneficial.  In this post, we are going to share an list of the best 10 freelancing websites in India which will help you find good projects and earn money right from the comfort of your home.


Upwork is one of the world’s leading websites. It flourished around the globe and has been providing jobs to the millions of people. Up-work provides a wide range of employment opportunities to the individuals right from creative designers to writers. As well as you got an impressive clientele of the top-notch companies like Pinterest, Zen desk, Unilever and Panasonic.


Freelance become a big name among the freelancing sites in India. its an easy way to place bids and get hired. it gives plentiful job opportunities to the freelancers from all around the world.  The freelancers need to have skills and patience in order to establish themselves as a good freelancer.


Established in 2010, this a great platform for employees and get the work done It starts in 2010, established itself as a great platform for employees and employers to get the work done. Fiverr provides amazing opportunities to the start-ups and entrepreneurs by helping them find the talent and get the work done easily.

Indian Silicon Valley

The Indian Silicon Valley gives you access to thousands of talented freelancers. It is the number one choice of the start-ups, agencies and businesses to hire the talent with no restrictions. The great thing about Indian Silicon Valley is, you can hire the best talent for your projects at 0% commission fee. Because businesses and freelancers can have direct discussions on their needs and get the work done as desired.


It works on a bid system. It is useful to all kinds of freelancers who are looking for an effective platform to showcase their skills and earn good money.  On this platform, the freelancers can submit their quotes in response to client postings. Because this follows an escrow payment process, which ensures the freelancers would be paid for their work.


This website accepts only experienced and talented freelancers in the fields of web designing, software development or finance. As well as top-total is very selective about hiring freelancers and follows a strict screening process to allow freelancers get access to the projects. 


It provides good employment opportunities for the Indian employees. As well as it follows a simple and easy navigation approach which makes it even more desirable among the freelancers. Worknhire does not use any complex terminologies for hiring or getting hired.


This is a great platform with a wide range of categories like- Web Design, Web Development, Writing, Translation, Software Development, Mobile Development, Marketing, Sales and Support, Audio, Video, etc. People Per Hour also enables freelancers to list what they could offer their clients.


It is an ideal website for the Indians to find jobs according to their knowledge, skills and experience. As well as its focuses on Indian freelance market and provides freelancers an opportunity to apply to jobs based on their location. Because Major Indian companies post work on true-lancer on a regular basis.


iFreelance is the website where you can find editors, coders, writers, accountants, programmers, etc all you just need to do is. Because create your profile and advertise the services that you have to offer. Therefore you can also bid on the projects that you think are suitable for your skills. Need to purchase the paid membership plan of freelance for find projects

These are the some best freelancing websites in India. From where you can hire a employee and get hired as a employee easily. As well as you do not need to run from pillar to posts, but can easily create an account on these websites and get started.

The proliferation in the freelancing websites has made individuals move away from their regular 9 to 5 jobs. They consider other options better to earn money rather than working for long hours in their regular jobs. These websites are best to visit if you want to gain some exposure, at the same time, earn some money.



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