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How to Buy Litecoin in India: 4 Platforms Where You Can Buy LTC in INR

Nearly 300 dollars is the current value per coin which has ranked Litecoin as one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies having a market cap of nearly over 20 billion dollars. It is popularly known that Ripple and Bitcoins have many exchanges where one can exchange or even trade them in India and also in the world. But considering Litecoin, there are very few options in India which offer to trade in it.

4 Platforms Where You Can Buy LTC in INR
4 Platforms Where You Can Buy LTC in INR

The reason why Litecoin do not have as many platforms for trading as Bitcoins because Litecoin is slowly gaining popularity and is still not as famous as Ethereum and Bitcoins in India, This list comprises of four platforms where one can get Litecoin in INR.



Now recently Zebpay also give a big platform for trading in Litecoin. Zebpay is largest India’s Digital Currency trading platform, where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies in many form like Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin cash, Etherum. 


1)   Coinome:-

This is the subsidiary which is fully owned by the company which owns BillyDesk. BillyDesk is one of the largest payment companies in India. Coinome offers exchange for Litecoin in INR along with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Sellers have to pay the fees of 0.1% here, the fees for buyers at Coinome is 0.3%. One of the greatest strengths of Coinome is that it offers instant e-KYC approval.

2)   Koinex:-

This is one of the most secure and highly preferred exchanged platforms in India. It has roots in Mumbai. Koinex is one of those few platforms which provides the facility of buying and selling of Litecoins. The fee structure of Koinex is also affordable. For the transactions which lie below 25 Lakhs, the seller fees that this platform charge is 0.2% and for the buyer it is 0.25%. There is also a possibility of waiving off all seller fees from 2018!

3)    Coindelta:-

There is a relief of fees at Coindelta and this is the reason people prefer this platform more and more. The main crowd or users of Coindelta are the people who do lot of small transactions. Here 0% is the fee which is charged for sellers and 0.3% is the buyer’s fee.

4)    BuyUcoin:-

BuyUcoin is that platform which offers most of the currency exchanges. It has its place at one of those platforms which gives the user ease to deal with the currency of their choice and it is possible due to the wide variety of cryptocurrencies trading it offers. Nearly 30 cryptocurrencies are supported by BuyUCoin and Litecoin is included in that list.



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