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LIC Policy Enquiry – Just call LIC Customer Zone


Need Of Customer Zone:-

We all know that this is the time of Technology and computer and if you have applied for any policy letter to your LIC insurance Care or any inquiry about your plan or you want to check your status on the phone?

Visit LIC Phone Help Line No – https://www.licindia.in/Customer-Services/Phone-Help-Line

LIC Policy Enquiry
LIC Policy Enquiry

If you are living in the country where the servicing branch is not available for you and you want to get the details of your own local branch on the mobile phone?

But you are facing all these problems then don’t worry about it LIC customer zone is the solution to all these problems.

As the LIC of India care for their customers and all their problems so they have franchise the 74 customers on in all over the cities of India for the policy inquiry and other servicing facilities to customize via these branches.You can get the solution of all the problems are the queries related to your policy by visiting these customer zones.

How to contact LIC Customer Zone:-

But if you are unable to visit the customer zone you can call the customers on by their number which is the IRS number and that is 1251 but you have to use the STD code of the area where you are leaving as a prefix.

Suppose if you want to call the customers on which is situated in the Agra then if you will dial 0562 as an STD code before 1251 the number of the customers on. When you dial this you will automatically be connected to the customers on in the Agra.

Buy these customers on you do not even get information about all the policy inquiry is but also I feel this sentence provides you to the money and facilities and services regarding the policyholders of LIC of the India which is the biggest benefit for all the policyholders in all over India.

You can also visit the customer zone according to their timing as they are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.M. To 8 p.M. And from and Saturday at 10 a.M. To 6 p.M. So if you want to visit the customer is on for any purpose then you can easily visit within these working hours to the customers on.

Policy EnquiryDetails:-
So now come to the point that which services are provided by the LIC customer zone in India

  • Policy status
  • Bonus details in policy
  • Premium position
  • Loan details
  • The revival of lapsed LIC policiesServices Offered By LIC Customer Zone:-

    You can also get information about many policies of the LIC policy.
    So now come to the services which are provided by the customer’s zone

  • Resolving any policy related complaint
  • Issuing premium paid certificate
  • Change of address
  • NEFT registration in your LIC policy
  • Acceptance of life certificate for pension policiesWith all these inquiries and policies you can also search help from the customer zone in regarding the completion of a policy forms.

You can get the addresses of the customers on an all the telephone numbers by the link given below by  visiting our website https://digitalmaurya.com.



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