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Top 5 Best Places To Explore For Solo Women Travel Enthusiasts!

India has long been known as an insecure place especially for women traveller all over the world. But why should boys have all the fun? Now it’s your time ladies! Tie your shoes and explore your nation like never before. Admit it, everyone,

Top 5 Best Places To Explore For Solo Women Travel Enthusiasts
Top 5 Best Places To Explore For Solo Women Travel Enthusiasts

that once in a while we covet to avoid our daily routines to find ourselves to amidst the beauty of nature. Sometimes we have to give extra time and pampering and let us fall in love with ourselves too. And for that solo travel trip is the best option.

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But the first thing that strikes to our mind is what the safest place to travel alone is? Or the expenses about the whole travelling. So book your tickets online and get Travel offers for money saving. Here I am describing a few places that if you are planning to go on a solo trip that has undoubted charm and are also safe. So don’t worry ladies! You can also enjoy a solo trip without any worries. Here is the list of few places in India for female travellers. So pack your bags and discover all by yourself.

  1. Udaipur, Rajasthan:

    Rajasthan is dwelled by helping and friendly people. Basically, Udaipur is a couple destinations, but when the thing comes to an adventure you will overcome that instinct. Just give a treat to your life and enjoy every single second of your life. Udaipur is known as the white city and full of lakes. The rich culture going through the urban areas is found in each road you walk in. Folk culture and handmade things will make any female traveller go over this place.

  2. Goa:

    If you are a party person then Goa is the perfect place for you. You don’t need anyone to party with because this place will give you tons of choices. In spite of party program, Goa has many places that will surely give you peace like beaches, off-beating trekking that Goa offers, water sports, church, and many other spots. Women love to shop and Goa is a place for shopaholics too. Just stroll through the street market and you will definitely get amazed by the shopping experience from Goa.

  3. Hampi, Karnataka:

    Hampi is also known as “The Forgotten Empire” and is really safe for female solo travellers. The best place to chill in Hampi is “Hippie Island” it is a kind of small river island and place to enjoy the beauty of nature. Being a tiny town somehow is capable to endure its low key environment It has been perceived as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By its pitiful comfort, enables you to meet with individuals from different countries and makes you feel free. So pack light and enjoy your trip.

  4. Sikkim:

    Don’t forgets to visit this awesome place of our country. Entire north-east India is stunningly wonderful, at the same time, Sikkim, specifically, is a bit score above them all. You will definitely be lost in the beauty of its beautiful mountains. Apart from exceptionally beautiful, the hospitality that you endure from localities makes it a perfect place for a female solo traveller. It is truly an unexceptionally beautiful and perfect place for a female.

  5. Khajjiar:

    The place is also known as the “Mini Switzerland.” Simply the place is famous for its peaceful meadows, the Kalitop wildlife sanctuary, and Kailash view. It is just perfect for a girl solo traveller due to its snow-capped mountains and carpet of green grass. Also, they come in a budget yet an amazing place to go on. This short trip will lead to moving further without any worries. So what are waiting for? Just pack your bags and enjoy your own company. Book your stay by using Hotel offers and discounts and make savings.

So here is the list of few places for women solo traveller and start planning your solo trip without any worries and tensions.



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